Commission Policy for Real Estate Brokers/Agents

Qualified Real Estate Broker/Agents:

Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. (BES) will compensate licensed Real Estate Brokers/Agents in return for successful initial introductions and/or referrals of their clients not previously introduced to BES which lead to a fully executed Lease Agreement. The Broker/Agent Referral Program is reserved for Real Estate Brokers/Agents that are duly licensed and in good standing.


Brokers/Agents must refer prospects through any BES team member, the BES website, via email to or via telephone at (855) COMMISH. In the event that two or more Brokers/Agents refer a prospect, BES shall accept the first introduction received, unless instructed otherwise by the Prospect. BES reserves the right to reject a referral to the extent that the Prospect/customer has already contacted us directly or was previously introduced by another source. In such event BES will endeavor to notify the referring Broker/Agent of any rejection within 3 days. Submittal of a referral to BES alone indicates acceptance of our terms and conditions. BES reserves the right to amend or terminate this policy at any time without further notice.

Commission Agreement:

Commission compensation will be calculated at 10% of the initial lease value for up to a maximum of 12 months or until the Lease break, whichever is lesser, unless otherwise agreed to in advance by BES.  Promotional bonus incentives programs may be offered from time to time in specific markets or at specific locations.


All commissions will be made payable to the Brokerage company and not to the individual Broker/Agent. A federal tax ID number or W9 is needed from the Brokerage Company to process payment within 60 days of execution of the initial Lease Agreement.  If BES does not receive the required documentation within the 60 days following the commencement date of the signed Lease the commission shall be forfeited. If a client defaults during the initial term of their Lease whereby commission payment has been made, BES may invoice the Broker/Agent for the pro-rated commission amount paid for the client in default.


Last updated 8/1/2013
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