20 Reasons to Rent Serviced Offices!

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By John King

More business today are turning to Serviced Offices as the preferred type of office space than ever before. So what makes this type of commercial rental appealing to businesses of all shapes and sizes?

Before you take the plunge head-first into searching for and finding the ideal rented office space, take a look here at 20 extremely compelling reasons to consider Serviced Offices as a viable option for your business:

1. Serviced Offices are perfect for brand-new businesses, small businesses, or any company that requires flexibility, convenience and excellent location options.

2. Rental terms are extremely flexible.

3. They are ideal for business start-ups and small scale representatives of larger companies.

4. Serviced Office space offers an extremely efficient way to combine all the monthly outgoings into one, convenient, simple monthly payment.

5. Serviced Office space is an economically sound way of establishing a small business, reducing existing outgoings, or for establishing that all important branch presence.

6. Management companies provide and maintain Serviced Office space.

7. They come fully fitted, decorated, cabled and furnished – traditional offices do not.

8. Serviced Office space is ideal for small companies searching for a fully furnished and equipped office right up to large companies looking for short term, convenient project space.

9. They have excellent security and the costs of this facility are included in your monthly fee.

10. With this type of rental businesses can effectively choose where to locate by identifying their product position, the best location and the very best retail centers to sell their products or services.

11. Providers of Serviced Offices frequently permit tenants to share business machines, reception services and other resources, providing a reduction in costs and access to expensive equipment which may otherwise be unaffordable.

12. Space is generally flexible, allowing for extra space to be allocated at short notice, should the size of an individual business change.

13. Corporations and businesses can rent single offices, whole floors or an entire building, depending upon their requirements.

14. Finances can be better managed allowing for efficient focus on day-to-day business procedures.

15. Serviced offices are fully equipped and are generally ready to be moved into virtually right away after signing the lease.

16. Their office facilities are truly flexible, from providing a single desk and telephone to having a ‘secretary’ to welcome your clients and service your needs.

17. Serviced Offices are without any shadow of a doubt a credible alternative.

18. The letting contracts for Serviced Offices are generally more flexible.

19. Other regular costumers for serviced offices are companies seeking relocation or waiting for the decoration of their offices.

20. Long term contracts are not required to benefit from high specification Serviced Office space.

Hopefully the information above will help you make your decision when choosing the type of office space to rent for your business. Good luck!

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About the Author:
The author is based in the Surrey, England and works in the website design and multimedia industry. He has successfully rented serviced office space from FlexibleOfficesDirect.co.uk and serviced offices London from Targetspace.co.uk.