Tenant in the Spotlight: Kathy Hao, Attorney At Law, TCW GLOBAL LEGAL GROUP


Kathy Hao

Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. is happy to announce our newest Tenant in the Spotlight: Kathy Hao! She has been a longtime tenant at our Pasadena location.

Learn more about her impressive story:


At what age did you immigrate to America? 27


Where did you get your education?
I received my BA in English Literature from Xian International University, P.R. China, MA in Sociology from Cal State University, Northridge, and JD from University of West Los Angeles, School of Law.


 We hear you’ve raised 2 wonderful daughters!  Tell us about them and your experiences as a career woman and single mother?
I became a single mom when my older daughter Jade was 4 and Connie was 1.5. I worked my way to finish my graduate school study in CSUN and a few years later I went to law school. I juggled between two jobs (translator –subtitles for movies some nights and weekends and day job as a social worker for Los Angeles County). I made sure that they received the best education I could provide them. They both are good musicians. Jade plays piano, clarinet, violin and viola. She was in the marching band and symphony orchestra in Junior high and high school. Connie plays piano and Chinese Zither (a traditional 5-foot 21 strings instrument).  Because I was the only parent, I had to make sure that I managed my time efficiently. I carpooled with other parents and arranged their classes so that it benefits me timewise. I would join their Ballet classes I so that I could  work out, I also joined Connie’s Zither classes so that I didn’t have to waste two hours waiting for her.  I made sure they had the best work ethics and study habits so that I did not have to be distracted by their misbehavior. I am proud to say, throughout their school years, I have never been bothered, distracted or worried by their behavior.

Jade received her BA from UC Riverside, and is finishing law school in May. She will be a lawyer after taking the Bar in July (I hope); she also works as a bartender at private events some weekends and is a receptionist at the law school. Connie is finishing her BS from UC Santa Barbara and is currently working for an orthopedic group in SB, while going to school.
They both are very driven, hardworking and goal-minded individuals.


From your website, I can see that you are involved in immigration law. Is this where most of your practice is geared towards?
I have two offices: one with Barrister in Pasadena and one in Alhambra. My Alhambra offices handle personal injury cases. The Pasadena offices primarily handle immigration and business related matters. As most of my clients are immigrants and most of them are either individuals with extraordinary ability or businessmen, I handle most of their business related and immigration matters.


What are you most passionate about in your practice?
I feel so rewarded when I can help my clients to resolve their problems. I am passionate about the work I do and the results we can achieve.


What is your greatest career accomplishment?
I have several careers: I was a college professor when I was 22 years old and later became an interpreter and administrator for China Central PhilharmonicSociety, the nation’s symphony orchestra. I helped to purchase the first performing pipe organ in China in 1988.

After law school, I also taught law at the University Of West Los Angeles School Of Law from 2007 to 2013.

In addition to my law practice, I am also very involved in the Chinese Community in Southern California. I have hosted many large events, including concerts at the Pasadena Civic Center, art shows, International US-China Television Award Gala, televised ICN (International Chinese Network) Chinese New Year Gala, and many, many other business events and seminars.

I am guest a professor for a few universities in China


What can we expect to see next from Kathy Hao – any goals for 2016?

I plan to bring more talented and successful Chinese from China to the United States and help with more meaningful exchange programs.


What do you like to do in your free time?

Travel, I travel almost daily to either Santa Barbara, or Lake Arrowhead. I travel internationally a few times a year. I like shooting, hiking, diving, boating etc.


 Barrister thanks Kathy for being a great tenant and for being an inspiration for so many people! 

Tenant in the Spotlight: David Nutter, Genrebend Productions, Inc.



Tenant in the Spotlight:

David Nutter

Director/President, Genrebend Productions, Inc.


Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. is excited to announce that longtime tenant of 15 years, David Nutter, has won a 2015 Primetime Emmy Award for the Outstanding Directing of a Drama Series of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” for the episode titled “Mother’s Mercy.”[1]

Nutter is a well-known television director, film director and television producer.  He has worked on several successful series, including The X-Files, Band of Brothers (which won an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special), The Sopranos, and Entourage.[2]

19 of the last 21 pilots that he has directed have been picked up as series and he has directed a pilot into a primetime slot in the past 19 of 22 years[3]!  He has been hailed the “pilot whisperer.”  In the same interview, Nutter is asked if there is an art to choosing pilots, to which he responded, “…at the end of it I say to myself, ‘Do I want to watch the next episode?’ That’s what it’s really all about.”

Please join us on congratulating David on his win, and wishing him continued success.



Photo From David Nutter on IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0638354/).  Photo by Cliff Lipson – © clifflipsonphotography@2011

[1] http://www.emmys.com/shows/game-thrones

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[3] http://www.dga.org/Craft/DGAQ/All-Articles/1304-Fall-2013/DGA-Interview-David-Nutter.aspx

Client Spotlight: Erica Bristol from EB Mediate

Erica Bristol from EB Mediate


Barrister Executive Suite clients are known as strong business, industry and community leaders. Erica Bristol is no different. Colleagues know her as being a mediator focused on providing the highest level of customer service. The former in-house counsel runs her ADR, Encino-based EB Mediate firm out of Barrister’s 16133 Ventura Blvd. location.


Erica Bristol primarily handles intellectual property disputes in Southern California. While many mediators have served on the bench, Erica’s years as an in-house counsel has served as a prefect foundation, giving her a unique perspective. She says, “I bring not only a legal, but a business point of view.” Erica is known as an efficient mediator because she understands what business people want in a resolution.


Suite manager Nadia Nunez says, “We provide office solutions for a variety of businesses with diverse needs.” We’re happy to support Erica and EB Mediate with office and service needs.” Nadia adds, “Erica Bristol and EB Mediate are assets to our community and to the network of tenants here at the suite.”


Erica describes her Barrister office as not the typical “lawyer’s office.” She says, “My office is not set up to look like a lawyer’s office. It’s set up in a way so that parties can communicate with each other or with clients in a comfortable setting.” Barrister Executive Suite provides Erica with a corner office for caucus meetings, conference room space, as well as all the traditional amenities Barrister offers.


For more information on Erica Bristol and her services, please visit http://www.ebmediate.com/