Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. Congratulates Jacqueline White

St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica has recognized Barrister’s Assistant Vice President Jacqueline White with two awards for her devoted volunteerism.  White is the recipient of the “Volunteer in Action” and was recognized for over 100 hours of service.  Since joining the volunteers at St. John’s in May 2009, White has devoted over 300 hours working on the oncology ward.

Helping people has been a passion for White since she was a child.  But as a single parent of two, her responsibilities did not give White the time or flexibility needed for volunteerism.  Things changed when White’s eldest child got her driver’s license, White’s schedule opened up and she was finally able to sign up for St. John’s volunteer group.

Anyone who knows White says that her kindness and cheerful attitude are contagious, which is a precious gift to have, especially as a volunteer on the oncology ward.  When White goes to the hospital every Tuesday after a full day at the office, she is a light hearted and compassionate force to everyone that she assists.  She is not only there for the patients, but the families who are grieving and struggling.  Ultimately, White’s goal is to make what is a difficult situation for everyone better.  Her tasks when on duty include assisting nurses, patients, and families.

Jacqueline White has been working with Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. for 19 years.  In 1992, White began working as a phone operator in Beverly Hills and is now the Assistant Vice President and On Site Manager of Barrister’s largest location, Century City.  White is also a founding member of Barrister’s Community Service Committee, and responsible for organizing Barrister’s 2010 Revlon Run/Walk Team which raised $7,500.

Congratulations Jacqui! 

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