Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. Brings Technology to Students

Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. understands the importance of technology to the working professional, but what about the importance to the young student?  It isn’t very different.  It is a more competitive and mobile world for our students and in an effort to have a competitive edge, students need the right tools to work anywhere.  The Archdiocese of Los Angeles, in partnership with Clearwire, has created Catholic Communication Collaboration (C3) which will give students a competitive edge with technology.

C3 is a program that will allow students to work seamlessly in and out of the classroom with their teachers, parents, and classmates.  Students can complete schoolwork, take advanced courses, and communicate from anywhere when they have portable learning devices provided through C3.

“We know that students learn best when teachers and parents collaborate together in the educational environment. That’s always been a hallmark of Catholic education,” said Archbishop Gomez. “The use of this new technology will strengthen this collaboration and open new avenues for learning far into the future.”

Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. has made a donation to C3.  Los Angeles schools St. Aloysius, St. Columbkille and St. Bernard were all able to purchase portable projectors (eBeam Edge) and St. Bernard School received a one-to-one classroom – each student being the beneficiary of their own Lenovo x220i. There are many students that cannot afford different learning tools in addition to the expensive books, uniforms, and supplies.  Barrister is happy to be a part of an effective program like C3.  The effects of the portable learning tools are extraordinary and the potential to use different learning applications is limitless.

In the near future the Barrister team is looking forward to visiting the schools and watching students and teachers interacting with the new equipment they have been provided through the C3 program.

For more information on the program, watch this video: