Barrister Celebrates a Quarter-Century of Service

Vince Otte, our Chairman, celebrated his 25th year of owning the company last Wednesday night, with a small gathering at the Fairmont Bungalows in Santa Monica. Those in attendance included the Otte Family, suite managers, senior management team, and the Board of Directors.  Otte gave special recognition to the employees who have been with him since the beginning.

This exciting time has given us an opportunity to give thanks to our customers and partners that have helped us grow our business. With great appreciation, we acknowledge the business owners who have made the decision to grow with Barrister as a tenant. We continue to strive to offer convenient and cost effective alternatives to conventional office space, coupled with exceptional customer service. Thank You for being part of our Barrister Family!

Congratulations to our entire Team, and to our extended Barrister Family!

Looking ahead, we are focused on remaining a leader in the industry by bringing our customers the best service in the business as well as continuing to be committed to innovation and growth.

Here’s to another 25 years!

[Update] We found this video in the archives from 1993 from when Vince H. Otte won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Ernst and Young for 1993 in the Turnaround Category!