Four Steps towards a More Balanced Life!

Discovering a work-life balance can often feel like an impossible feat in today’s world. Various technologies make us accessible around the clock and the impact of the Great Recession means many people still fear losing their job. The results are longer days and longer work weeks.  The unhealthy levels of stress that come from these never-ending workdays can be quite damaging, impacting your relationships, health, overall happiness…and it can even reduce productivity.

While establishing a work-life balance can mean something different to every individual, there are some general steps that can help most people to achieve a more balanced life.


Priorities? Yes!   Perfectionism?  No!

Figure out what you want your priorities to be, not what you think they should be.  Create a list of the 5-7 top priorities in your life and focus on these items without becoming a perfectionist. Perfectionism, when you let it become an unchecked habit, can be quite destructive!  Try to let go of your perfectionist tendencies.  Strive for excellence, not perfectionism.


It’s okay to unplug!

Technology has helped us in many ways, but it often creates the expectation that we’re available 24/7.  The work day never seems to end!  It’s important to remember that almost every piece of technology we work with does have an off button, even if we rarely use it! Unplugging from the technological grid that is so central to our lives can be difficult, so try it in phases.  First stop bringing your cellphone to your meals.  Take time to chew, enjoy your food, socialize and bond!  After a week or two, stop bringing technological devices to the movies or to your children’s extra-curricular activities.  Create some pictures in your mind instead of using your tablet!  Enjoy those special moments with your loved ones.  The phone services available from Barrister offers personalized call answering and call screening.  Take advantage of these services when you need to unplug.

You’ll soon find it’s easier to push the boundaries. Remember that when you unplug you’ll start to experience one of life’s greatest treasures — perspective. Unplugging allows you the freedom to be more analytical and less emotional and to think, instead of just diving in and responding in the moment.


Schedule your downtime!

Many of us have developed elaborate systems to schedule our tasks, meetings and work activities, but we never think to schedule some downtime.  When you plan out your week, make a point to schedule time with your family and friends, and to engage in activities that help you recharge.  Consider getting up earlier to give yourself an hour or two of “me time.”  Schedule yourself a true daily lunch hour break.  Communicate to your coworkers, clients and friends that you’re unreachable during that hour.  Make a commitment to your family to spend time with them every week.

Barrister Suite’s offices are centrally located, with many conveniently located health clubs, restaurants, and cultural centers.  Some offices are even within walking distance of the beach!

Marina Del Rey Office Space

The patio at the Barrister Executive Suites offices in Marina Del Rey Beach Offices is a perfect place to spend a relaxing lunch hour!


Move and Meditate!

No matter how busy we get, we often make time for the crucial things in life. We eat. We go to the bathroom. We sleep. Yet two of the most crucial needs – exercise and meditation – are often the first things to go when our calendars fill up. Exercise is an effective stress reducer that releases those feel-good endorphins in your body which helps to lift your mood.  They also can help to put you into a meditative state so you can relax your mind.  Some offices offered by Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. are conveniently located near the beach – take advantage of this perk!  Schedule some time when you can go for a walk on the beach, get your body moving, and recharge your mind.


Achieving balance in both your work and personal lives allows you to perform optimally in both areas.  It helps you to be a better worker and a better person.  What steps do you plan to take to help you achieve work-life balance?