Eating Healthy at Work!

Let’s face it – we’ve all done it.  You’re at your desk and your stomach starts to growl.  You open your desk drawer, go to the kitchen, or head to the vending machine and you grab those high-fat and/or high-sugar snacks.  Candy bars, chips, cookies, you name it!

Why do we reach for these unhealthy snacks, even when we know better?  Boredom and stress often lead to mindless snacking.  There may be limited healthy food choices or too many temptations all around the office.  A lack of time to make the right choices can be a factor.  A lack of sleep can also affect your appetite and lead you towards eating twice the amount of calories you need for one day.

The good news is you CAN change your eating habits and there are plenty of quick, easy, and inexpensive healthy snack options available to you.  Consider this list of Barrister Suites favorites for some healthier alternatives!


Almonds: Almonds are a great source of protein and healthy fat that is satisfying.







Fresh fruit: You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit at the office! Put your favorite sliced fruits and berries together in a beautiful salad for the office fridge, so you can scoop out the perfect portion to enjoy all week long.







Low-fat Popcorn: This low-calorie snack will satisfy your craving for something salty and crunchy, and it’s also a good source of fiber.

Veggies: Bring a tub of baby carrots, celery sticks, or one of your favorite vegetables to the office.  Be sure to skip the Ranch or Blue Cheese dressings!








Flavored Rice Cakes: Rice cakes are great because they are low calorie and come in different flavors.

Yogurt: Many yogurts are made using “good bacteria,” which is great for your digestive tract. Yogurt contains probiotics, protein, calcium, vitamins, potassium, and magnesium.







Single servings of trail mix: Take the issue of portion control out of the picture, and prepackage small baggies of trail mix or dried fruit and nuts at home.








Whole grain crackers: Whole grain crackers are also a much better idea than snacking on a bag of fried chips, and they offer the crunch you’re looking for.

Wasabi Peas: These are perfect for satisfying any salty, crunchy, or spicy craving and they have protein and fiber, which will energize you and prevent blood sugar from dropping.

Cereal: Skip the sugar-laden stuff, and opt for a fiber-rich whole grain cereal.  Consider bran flakes.  Bran flakes will release glucose at a slow rate in the bloodstream, which will minimize blood sugar swings and optimize brainpower and mental focus.


What are your favorite at-work snacks? Let us know on Facebook or snap a picture of your snack drawer and tag us on Instagram!