Office Holiday Party Guide

It’s almost “turkey time” and that means those holiday work parties are right around the corner!

Work parties are often seen by people as somewhat uncomfortable and stuffy. Some offices don’t throw holidays parties, and some that do don’t break this ‘bad office party’ stereotype. If you are a business owner (or office party planner), don’t let these negative stereotypes discourage the festivities. There are many reasons to celebrate together as a work group!


Recognizing achievements

Holiday parties are a great opportunity to acknowledge goals that were reached throughout the year. This is the perfect time to let people know that their efforts matter and that they are appreciated!

Looking toward the New Year

A successful office holiday party at the end of the year can help to set the tone for the upcoming year! When you send people off on a festive note before they enjoy that holiday time off it lets them feel more positive about returning to work.

Bonding time

Some colleagues might not have much opportunity to speak with one another during work.  This is particularly true for large businesses.  Even if people work together regularly, they might not know anything about each other outside business relations. While it’s important to keep workplace relationships professional, it can also be great for office morale when you let people bond in social settings. After all you see these people every day at work. They shouldn’t feel like total strangers! Other folks – entrepreneurs, solo-practitioners, and remote workers –may not typically work with others on a regular basis.  Barrister Executive Suites holds holiday potlucks and holiday parties for their tenants, both full-time and virtual, so that everyone can look forward to enjoying some holiday cheer! This is a great opportunity for fellow tenants to get to know one another.

Not sure how to plan your holiday party?
Consider using this “10-Step Company Holiday Party Planning Checklist.” 

When creating a holiday party it’s important to set the tone about what is appropriate.  You want people to have fun, but not a wild time.  Here are some holiday party “rules of etiquette” you can consider communicating to your employees.

What is the proper time to go to the party?

While folks are not obliged to clock in or out at the party, it is still an office activity they are attending. Things flow better when everyone arrives on time.

 How should I behave at the party?

You want folks to enjoy the party, but they also shouldn’t forget that they are still with their co-workers and/or on company premises. Ask people to conduct themselves professionally and stay away from excessive eating, drinking, and/or partying.

What do I wear for the party?

If you are having a themed party, it is good to dress according to the chosen theme. Folks can come dressed as they dress for work or bring casual clothes to wear for “party time.”

Above all, the office holiday party is meant to be a fun experience for everyone so “go for it!”  Try a theme, hire a fun band or a DJ to play music, do a gift exchange, or invite a special surprise guest. Encourage people to mingle and network with others they might not talk to on a consistent basis.

Make it fun, have fun yourself, and create some positive memories and stories that will last into the New Year.


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