7 Ways to Stay Creative at Work

Creativity at Work

Do you dread going to your job?  Is your office filled with mundane processes and repetitive tasks?   Do you work in an environment where creativity and innovation is expected, but often find it difficult to create under the pressure of deadlines and budgets?  Do you have a position where you are successfully creating and innovating, but beginning to feel the “well is running dry” and you’re simply out of ideas?

Creativity is essential in today’s workforce and it is an increasingly in-demand skill! It encourages us to be entrepreneurial, inventive, and innovative.  It’s also the most important skill we have to offer, professionally or personally.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” ~ Albert Einstein

Check out the “Science of Creativity” infographic based off a survey with Happify at http://www.thejobnetwork.com/25-ways-to-stay-creative-at-your-work/


Unfortunately, there are often times when you can’t get – or keep – those creative juices flowing. Here are some tips that you can consider that may help you to get back on track!

  • Early Bird Gets the Worm

Our average days are filled with distractions from our attempts to create.   Create some special “creation time” by getting up early and make sure the first thing you do in the day is to create. It doesn’t have to be every day, but do it at least two or three days a week.   Set your alarm an hour earlier than usual. You’ll be surprised how much you can create and innovate in an hour.

  • Create Lists

Lists are a great, easy way to get a lot of ideas out of your head quickly.  Grab some paper during your day and simple start writing a list.  The more you write, the more things will come to you.  Use these lists to purge your mind of all of your to-do’s so you can free it up for creative thinking.  Or use lists as a way tap into your stream of consciousness and your creative mind.

  • Get Up and Get Out

Many studies suggest that the simple act of getting out of your chair and going for a walk can lead towards more creativity.  Who isn’t inspired by fresh air and natural surroundings?  Some of our Barrister Office locations are located near the beach and are great places to take a walk, and to let all of those ideas flow! Others are near important cultural landmarks like museums, art galleries, and more.

  • Meditate

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and open yourself to newness. Meditation allows you to get in tune with your inner spirit and to hear all of those ideas that may be buried under the day-to-day grind.  Research shows that even people who have never meditated before can benefit from a 25-minute meditation session.  If you don’t have 25 minutes, start with just 5 and see what happens. Be open to what the universe is trying to tell you!

  • Organize Your Writing

Creative writing on a regular basis can be hard.  Who hasn’t experienced “writer’s block” at some point or another?  Organize the way you write by using a whiteboard or journal to log your ideas and writing activities.  When inspiration strikes you, write it down quickly and while the idea is still fresh.  Some people even keep a journal by their bedside to record their thoughts before dozing off, or they record ideas that come to them through dreams.

  •  Break the Routines

Routines can be quite important depending on your company, your role, the client, or the tasks at hand.  They also, however, tend to stifle creativity.  When appropriate (and possible), break up the monotony and try to do at least one thing differently each day.  You may be surprised what comes out of a simple decision to “switch things up a bit.”

  • Figure Out Your Creative Triggers

Does it hit you when you’re travelling?  When you’re eating?  During bathroom breaks?  When you’re playing a game or attending a sporting event?  Most people have special places or activities that trigger their creative thinking.  Places or activities that regularly provide them with those “lightbulb” moments.  Be self-aware, learn what places or activities trigger your creative mind, and be sure you engage in those places/activities on a regular basis.