Plants in the workplace

Plants in the office

Plants in the office do offer more than sprucing up the place.  Decades of research has shown that contact with vegetation and plants, in a variety of contexts, is highly beneficial to human beings.  We invite you to explore some of the benefits that comes from having plants in the workplace.

Provide cleaner air: The natural process of photosynthesis absorbs carbon dioxide in an environment while releasing oxygen into the air. Plants also absorb pollutants!  Several common species of interior plants have the ability to remove compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde, and hexane.

Reduce office noise:  When plants are strategically placed, they can have the effect of quieting an office.  A small indoor hedge placed around a workspace, for example, has been shown to reduce noise by 5 decibels.

Reduce stress:  Some people find that plants reduce their stress levels.  The mere presence of plants help these individuals to feel they are in a natural setting, which can produce a calming effect.  When an employee is less stressed, they are better able to focus on their duties.

Provide a more comfortable environment:  Plants add moisture into the air.  This moisture, in turn, can lower temperatures and increase humidity levels, which can lead to employees feeling more comfortable overall.

Plants and flowers can inspire us:  Natural elements often help to provide humans with illumination and creativity.  Some studies haves demonstrated a clear link between the presence of office plants and the rise of innovative thinking, idea generation, and problem solving.

We here at Barrister Suites know that having plants in the office environment can be beneficial. Many of our Suites have plants in the reception and common areas. You don’t even have to water them! We take care of that.



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