Making time for your own marketing (or personal branding)

Making Time for Marketing

Keeping your customers happy and coming in on time for projects is a priority, so it can be challenging to find extra time for your own company’s branding.

The first step in helping conquer the time factor is to be organized and plan ahead. Clearly lay out your goals for the year and back that up by creating a schedule that devotes a specific amount of time each week or month towards your company or personal branding goals. And whenever possible, collaborate and delegate with partners or co-workers.

This is also a good time to evaluate your business and the direction it is moving in. Check back in: Are you on target? Do you have the right tools? What are your biggest strengths? How are you doing personally? Based on those answers, you can more easily create a plan for success.

Also look at how you are communicating. There are many ways to self-promote, most importantly with a smart and attractive website that informs a potential client of who you are and what you have to offer. Strongly consider your color schemes, language and photos since they all affect how people react to your brand. Over time you might need an update or a revamping to keep it up to date. Staying on top of social media pages and promotional tools are also an imperative component to your business.

No matter how long you have been in business, research is key! Look to see if your service has changed in the market place. Is what you do in demand? How can you stand out from others in your field? There is so much to learn from research, but you cannot let it deter you; instead, use the research to strengthen your plan.

If you are just starting out or perhaps rebranding yourself, pay attention to how people are reacting to your service or product and try to determine how you can improve upon it. There is always room for growth, but that can only happen if you are honest with yourself. Look at other successful branding examples to see what works and why. This is also the time to bring in people that you know who can assist and advise you with feedback to keep you on track.

Staying on top of all social media and producing smart memorable content will help you as you continue towards growing your business and establishing your brand.