How the Shared Economy is Impacting Corporate America

Sherman Oaks Comerica Bank Building on Ventura Blvd

Americans today are experiencing an unprecedented level of convenience at their fingertips. Getting a ride, a place to crash for the night, or even a handyman to hang a picture frame is easier than ever, thanks to innovative apps and websites. The expectation of convenience and flexibility attributed with Uber, AirBnb and other offshoots of the shared economy has impacted our society as a whole.

Undoubtedly influenced by the fact that the vast majority of Americans have a pocket-sized computer nearby at all times, it’s undeniable that a paradigm shift has occurred in the way we seek out services—the shared economy has seeped into many moments in our lives, and impacted business-as-usual.

As the modern workplace evolves from the rows of gray cubicles commonplace throughout the twentieth century, executives have needed to adapt to the expectations of prospective employees. A flexible, creative, and conveniently located office environment has become an increasingly important benefit to qualified applicants. This is essentially what spurred the rapid growth of coworking and shared office spaces.

Corporations large and small have started relocating their workforce to shared office spaces, responding to a shift in employee expectations and taking advantage of all the benefits these coworking sites have to offer. Here are just a few reasons corporations are offering employees access to shared office spaces, changing how corporate America goes to work:

Tenant Community

Working alongside individuals from different industries in common areas, or just passing them in the hall creates opportunity for networking and fosters a sense of community. Employees benefit from a more dynamic environment where they can move around and meet new people as they please.

Commute Time

A shorter commute is an attractive benefit corporations can offer employees with a regional shared office space. Throughout Southern California, traffic jams are responsible for thousands of professionals arriving late for work. Starting the day stuck in traffic can really impact the morale in a workplace; a shorter commute can often translate into a happier morning at the office.

Arriving to work at a shared office space via a ride-share app was something completely unheard of a decade ago—now, it is just another day in the convenient world of the shared economy. Adapting to this change in employee expectations has been key for corporations attracting a wide variety of qualified individuals.

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