4 Ways to Up Your Networking Game

Women talking at a networking lunch

The key to working smarter, not harder is using the tools at your disposal. To increase your business’s visibility and sales, it’s traditionally thought that face-to-face networking and relationship building is key. While this is still true, the way to meet new prospects and connections has evolved. Here are a few ways to network better.

1. Take Advantage of Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Becoming involved in the local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to meet other professionals who are serious about building business relationships. Before and after hour events can take place at local businesses, giving professionals a chance to meet and discuss their goals and experiences. The Chamber of Commerce acts as a cornerstone for professionals, providing a lot of opportunity and opening many doors.

2. Networking Apps

Imagine having the ability to swipe right in a professional setting. The networking app Shapr allows you to create a profile and connect with professionals who have similar goals, interests and experiences. Swiping right gives the users the ability to chat and set up a time to meet other professionals to further discuss career goals. Other apps are available such as LetsLunch and CityHour, which also allows the users to schedule a time to meet other professionals with similar experiences and goals. These apps are helpful because you can quickly identify new people to meet – even on during down time.

3. LinkedIn ProFinder and Facebook Groups

Compared to LinkedIn, Facebook’s Groups have a much more informal, relaxed feel to it. Introducing yourself in a Group is a great start to becoming involved in a niche group where you have an interest. There are countless Groups out there that range from general interests to industry specific topics. So, take your time finding a handful of groups, introduce yourself, engage and see where it takes you. Of course, LinkedIn has a more professional reputation, where you can connect, add your work experience, skills and update information that changes as you learn and grow as a professional. If you are a consultant or freelancer, check out LinkedIn ProFinder to hire, or be hired for a job.

4. Face-to-Face Interaction with Tenants in Community

Some may call this old-fashioned, but others might think that face-to-face connections are the most effective way to meet new connections. Barrister Suites leases their office spaces to a variety of local professionals who are worth getting to know when you interact in common areas. Choosing Barrister means you are becoming part of our tenant community. If you pass by the same few people every day on your way into your office, maybe pick up an extra coffee and use it as an ice-breaker to introduce yourself!

The efficacy of your networking efforts is what you make it, and creating genuine connections can have a lasting impact on your business. Thinking of joining our tenant community? Give us a call!

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