When Your Startup Should Begin Renting Office Space

professional office space for startups

As your startup begins to grow into a small business, you’ll find that running your business from home is getting in the way of real growth. You’ll start expanding your team, needing more equipment and space, and you’ll need help with administrative tasks like inbound calls and mail. A separate office space will also help you balance work and home life.

Cost of A Traditional Office

Cost is something to consider when looking for the right office space. At first, renting an office space can feel like an unnecessary, significant investment in overhead. If the timing is right, you’ll see how the benefits of an office offset the costs. With an executive suite or shared office, you can find a great space at a lower price compared to a traditional lease. As an entrepreneur, that could be the right option as you aim to minimize overhead costs and focus on growing your business.

Space You’ll Need

Another signal that you should begin renting office space is that your team has grown, and you simply need a space to meet and collaborate. Remote work can work for some businesses, but there’s no denying that communications become more streamlined working with others in a dedicated office space. Consider your need for cubicles, conference room access, and a break room.

Receptionist Services

Transitioning to an office space is an exciting time. Amenities like mail sorting, professional reception services, free access to meeting rooms and a lobby area may not seem necessary at first, but you’ll quickly grow to consider them to be essentials to your business. These kinds of amenities in an office setting will allow you to focus on the things that matter most to your organization.

Barrister provides tenants with these types of amenities and more so that business owners can focus on core activities crucial to their success, while also minimizing overhead costs.

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