10 Ways to Spring Into Summer with Less Stress!

Stress Free Virtual Office - Southern California

Written by Aimee Malgapo, Barrister’s Marina del Rey Receptionist and Healing and Happiness Yogi

Learning to manage stress is an important aspect of our daily lives. Stress can be experienced with family or loved ones, during a commute, and while at work. Here are some helpful tips to manage your stress and create a happier and healthier lifestyle.

1. Go for a walk. It’s important to step away from the desk and enjoy a little nature and sunshine to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Once you remove yourself from a busy environment, you will immediately feel more at peace. Moving your body will also result in an endorphin boost. Many of Barrister’s Southern California office locations offer relaxing outdoor spaces to help you decompress, such as our LAX office space, San Diego executive suite, and Valencia offices.

2. Try a breathing exercise. Taking slow, deep breaths allows more oxygen to flow into the body and immediately creates a sense of tranquility. This activity helps build focus and concentration, while eliminating other busy distractions from the mind.

3. Take time to stretch. Stretching the body increases flexibility, builds strength, and improves our posture. It is important to stretch your bodies to prevent injury, decrease muscle soreness, and relieve stress.

4. Organize the space around you. Removing clutter and excess material from the workspace will help clear your thoughts as you let go of items that no longer serve a purpose for you. Living in a clean, efficient workspace will help you be more productive, minimize distractions, and allow positive energy to flow around you. As a Barrister tenant, we can help you stay organized. You have access to our state-of-the-art office equipment, telephone systems, and technology infrastructure; all systems are in place and can be customized to suit your unique office-space or virtual office requirements.

5. Create a checklist. Time management is a very important skill. Writing down daily tasks will help prioritize which items need to be addressed immediately and which items can wait. Completing items on a checklist results in an overwhelming sense of confidence and accomplishment for most people.

6. Listen to relaxing music. Music has the power to soothe. Playing classical or soft ambient background music at work can create a serene environment to help release stress.

7. Read a book. Reading is a great activity that reduces stress by allowing the imagination to explore and can provide an opportunity to learn something new. Reading can also decrease muscle tension and lower the heart rate.

8. Moderate your guilty pleasures. Whether it’s chocolate, wine, cheese, coffee, or tea – don’t deprive yourself, moderate. Deprivation can lead to binges, while moderation can help you achieve a more balanced and steady relationship with your food.

9. Tune in and sign off. Listening to your favorite podcast can help alleviate stress from the day by providing a form of amusement and comfort. Escapism through entertainment is great, but please note that taking media breaks and stepping away from your phone is also important for your health. Be present and try meditating after your social media sessions.

10. Sleep Hygiene. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night and try to maintain the same schedule on the weekends as the weekdays.