Barrister’s 33rd Anniversary

Barrister Executive Suites

A Profitable Office Space Provider

Founded in 1990 with operations dating back to 1966 through the company it acquired out of bankruptcy, Attorneys Office Management Inc. (“AOMI”), Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. (“Barrister”) celebrated its 33rd anniversary in business on April 1, 2023!

The shared office space concept was originated by Paul Fegen at AOMI and refined by Barrister President and CEO, Vince Otte. By providing economical workspaces with convenient amenities, exceptional customer service and conservative business judgment, Barrister has remained profitable for 33 consecutive years.

Recognizing that trust in relationships and the viability of contract law are essential functions of business success, in the pandemic Barrister did not seek to revise leases, avail itself of rent moratoriums, or defer any business expenses. Rather than shift a burden onto respected relationships with valued tenants and landlords, Barrister executives made personal financial sacrifices to support the greater good. The Leadership Team’s strong sense of integrity positioned it to transcend many of the challenges experienced by competitors.

When asked about the better-than-peer results, Otte states, “These results are a tribute to our steady and diligent Leadership Team and the efforts of each and every experienced employee serving our delightful tenants in the shared office space environment. Over 35% of employees and tenants have been with Barrister for over 10 years. It’s the caliber of people from employees to tenants to landlords to property owners with whom we partner who made it possible to exclaim with profound pride that Barrister has remained profitable throughout recessions and even a pandemic!”

According to Barrister’s Leadership Team, it achieved these outstanding results in a difficult environment for office space by reducing costs while keeping doors open in order to effectively serve valued tenants and maintain clear communication with its landlords.

American Assets Trust, Inc., landlord of Barrister’s Torrey Reserve location, reinforces the centrality of people and relationships as key ingredients in its recipe for success, “From their conscientious and friendly staff to the responsibility they take to uphold their lease obligations, Barrister Executive Suites is not only an exceptional tenant but a trusted partner. Our synergistic relationship allows tenants the flexibility of size ranges from a single office in their executive suites to an entire building with American Assets Trust. We’re proud to have them in our portfolio.”

The Lee Group, Inc., for whom Barrister manages a Marina Del Rey property explains further, “The pandemic didn’t thwart Barrister’s high standards and timely response to tenants and ownership requests. They maintained excellence for safety and service throughout, providing stability during an otherwise chaotic time. We’re a proud partner and we couldn’t be happier. The Barrister team makes it a property management company worth recommending.”

When asked for a future outlook, Otte states, “We see growth and increased stability. We also see opportunity to add more locations to our portfolio as other operators have not weathered the pandemic. Barrister’s brand of better than industry results will become more valuable to building owners who seek to maximize profitability and increase the value of their assets.”