Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. is a proud supporter of the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation

Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation

Being the largest shared office space provider headquartered in Los Angeles, it’s no surprise Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. puts more money back into its local LA community than any other virtual office or executive suite provider.

The wildfires California has experienced in the last 10 years have been more destructive than any decade prior. 2018’s Woolsey Fire hit too close to home for Barrister and its employees. The Los Angeles Fire Department is the reason why many of Barrister’s locations and its employees’ homes are still standing, and for that, Barrister will always give its utmost support to the LAFD and its affiliated programs.

In April of this year, Chief Communications Officer, Luzanne Otte, entered her dog, Tallulah Marlene, into the LAFD Foundation’s 2023 Howling Heroes contest. The funds raised benefit the LAFD’s Canine Therapy Program, a vital initiative to provide support to our firefighters who face psychological and emotional trauma in the line of duty. Tallulah received the most votes and money donated from friends, family, Barrister and it’s employees, than any other canine contestant. However, it turns out Tallulah could not win due to the conflict of interest with Barrister already being one of the LAFDF’s biggest donors, thus a congratulations is due to LAFDF’s Howling Hero of 2023, Sampson!

In honor of International Firefighters Day, Barrister donated the remaining amount of money needed for Howling Heroes to reach their $25k goal. In the end, 80% of the money raised during Howling Heroes was Barrister affiliated. As a thank you, Tallulah was invited to ride on the firetruck in the Pacific Palisade’s 4th of July Parade.

Barrister will continue being one of the LAFDs biggest supporters and Tallulah will continue being their unofficial mascot. For ways to support the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation, click here.