Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. Opens New Beverly Hills Office Suite Location

Barrister Executive Suites new Beverly Hills Location

The new Beverly Hills location will add to Barrister Executive Suites’ extensive portfolio of 23 locations across Southern California.

Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA (PRWeb) – This month, Barrister Executive Suites will open a new Beverly Hills location and add to their extensive portfolio of 23 Southern California locations. This location is in the highly sought after “Golden Triangle” located at 9440 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 301. The 90210 location at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Drive has it all. This Class A building has floor to ceiling windows making the lobby reminiscent of a certain computer store and allowing a tremendous amount of natural light to flood in. To add to this “open” feel, Barrister’s suite 301 has exposed ceilings and it’s very own large outdoor terrace. The property 9440 Santa Monica Boulevard is near banks, theaters, health clubs, hotels and restaurants, and within walking distance to world-class dining and Rodeo Drive shopping. The Beverly Hills Barrister Executive Suites location offers a wide array of amenities and features that include:

  • Valet parking service for clients & visitors
  • Car wash/auto detailing & banking on-site
  • Conference room access to all Barrister locations
  • Online conference room reservation system
  • 24/7 access
  • On-site management
  • 2-hour free city parking next door
  • Janitorial services & utilities
  • Mail & package handling
  • Enterprise grade high speed internet & Wi-Fi

The shared office spaces offered by Barrister Executive Suites allow tenants to reduce overhead costs drastically and offer them more flexibility with lease terms than a traditional office space rental. Shared office suites are a smart alternative for professionals who want to lower their spending but are not willing to lower their business’s image or reputation.

“We’re experiencing increased demand from companies seeking our workspace environment. In our private offices workers can remain productive while maintaining social distancing, without feeling completely isolated from the outside world. Our flexible lease terms give companies the agility they need to respond to changing market conditions, and the services which we include allow workers more time to focus on their core business and revenue generating tasks. Our various virtual programs are a perfect complement by giving their teams the support needed to maximize productivity. They can choose any combination of services such as professional call answering, mail handling, or conference room usage on occasions when they need to have an in-person meeting,” says Carrie Gates, VP of Leasing & Marketing.

Barrister is actively leasing offices for their new Beverly Hills location and offers a full range of Virtual Office Packages which start at $99. To schedule a tour and to learn more about the Beverly Hills Office Space for rent at 9440 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 301, in the Bank of America Building, please call our leasing team at 800-576-0744 or email .

About Barrister Executive Suites

The originator of the shared office space concept, Barrister was founded in 1966 as a cost-effective alternative to traditional office space by providing turnkey office space, virtual offices, meeting room facilities, and administrative support services. Independent business practitioners, small start-up companies, and national corporations benefit by having more time to focus on their core business with less financial risk. Since 1966, with 23 locations throughout Southern California, Barrister operates with a foundation of longevity and financial stability in providing its tenants with a business-friendly environment coupled with exceptional customer service. Additional information on Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. is available at


Carrie Gates


Five Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Increase Office Productivity!

Your work environment can have a huge impact on your performance, and a carefully designed environment can increase your productivity.  If you have an office space that isn’t great, don’t despair!  It can happen to all of us, from time to time. The good news is that there are simple things you can do to make a difference.

1. Get rid of that clutter! 

Begin by looking around and getting rid of everything that you don’t need or want. Ask yourself what items you haven’t used in a while, as you explore one area of your office space at a time. If you haven’t used it in months and can’t think of why you need it, then take it out! This goes for furniture, equipment, supplies, papers, and even those office knick-knacks and decorations.  If you have non-essentials items in your office that are constantly covered with dust, your office will look and feel shabby.  If you have items that don’t work, send them out for repair or discard them.


2. Let there be light!

Lighting is one of the most important factors in staying focused and feeling inspired.  Unfortunately it can also be an item people overlook.  Bad lighting can cause fatigue, headaches, eyestrain and overall irritability; dark spaces can actually bring down your mood.  If you have no control over the general lighting, bring in your own.  Consider using natural light bulbs or even a light therapy device.  If you have a choice of office space, and if budget permits, consider those that contain natural sources of light.  If not, many of our locations have natural light throughout the common areas to help boost creativity.


Barrister Suites office rentals in Santa Monica
Barrister Executive Suites offices in Santa Monica

3. Is it cold in here?

Many office spaces tend to be on the cold side (around 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit).   While comfortable room temperatures can vary greatly from individual to individual, this range is often too cold for people, and that’s not good for productivity.  If you have temperature control over your individual office, find the right temperature for you.  If you don’t have individual control, bring a sweater or blankets into your work space.


4. Bring on the colors!

The psychology of colors has been studied for decades and it’s clear that the colors in our office spaces can affect our moods, our brain functions, and our ability to be productive.   Colors can evoke both a physical and emotional response and deciding the right colors for your work space has the ability to make your days brighter, more creative, and more efficient.  Be careful with how much color you use, however.  Too much of anything, including color, can quickly become overwhelming and actually make you less productive.  Consider shades of blue, which is a commonly used color for improving productivity.  If you can’t change the paint, consider blue decorations!

Color Paperclips

5. Smelling productive!

The overall scents and smells in your office space is another factor that is often overlooked, but as is the case with color, our sense of smell can powerfully affect our mood, our mindset, and our productivity. Consider adding scents into your work space that help to keep your mind into focus.  Choices of scents can also be quite subjective, but generally speaking, the following are good choices to consider:

 Cinnamon – Improves focus

Citrus – Helps to wake you up or lift your spirits

Pine – Increases alertness

Peppermint – Lifts your mood

Lavender – Helps to relax you during those stressful work days


We want to hear from you! What are your favorite productivity hacks? What makes your office space great, or does it leave much to be desired? Let us know in the comments!