Top 5 Strategies to Have a Productive Business

man sitting at desk and working remotely

Staying productive during work hours is always important, but now it’s more challenging than ever to stay productive due to COVID-19. Many of us are working from home which means adapting to a new work environment and having to deal with way more distractions. If you are struggling to maintain productivity during this time, below are some tips on how to stay productive during the pandemic and also during a normal work setting.

1. Manage Your Workspace and Storage Area

This is important for COVID-19 work conditions as well as normal working conditions. If you are working from home, be sure to designate a spot specifically to work that is away from other areas of your home that are meant for other things like eating and sleeping. This will help to reduce distractions and keep yourself focused.
Always be sure that your desk and work area are neat and organized. Everything should have a designated spot and be easy to find so that you don’t waste time looking for the items you need to complete a task. Also make sure that your desktop is not cluttered so that documents are easy to find and that you do not get overwhelmed.

2. Be Sure to Set Boundaries

Make sure you have a strict start and end to your workday. At the end of your workday, put the computer away and stop checking your email. This may be hard to do while working from home, but make sure you are setting these boundaries to prevent burnout. Also, make sure you are getting outside during this time. Some people find that taking a short walk before and after work can replace their work commute and give them the time they need to get in and out of work mode.

3. Use Digital Communication Technologies

During this time of social distancing, digital communication technologies like Zoom and Google Meets are among the limited ways to maintain a visible connection to others. Access to these technologies has promoted connectivity and productivity when working remotely. As we reenter the workplace, assessing to what extent such tools will continue to be of value to your business is a worthwhile endeavor.
Phone calls take away from the body language, eye contact, and connection needed to have a productive conversation. If you are having frequent phone calls with clients, try offering them video chats instead to enhance your meetings and conversations.

4. Keep the Team Motivated and Keep a Positive Attitude

Times are difficult for many of us right now and the uncertainty of the future could be weighing on your employees. Be sure to check in with them frequently during this time, but also during normal working conditions. Your employees want to feel valued so make sure you are showing them that you care about their physical and mental well-being. Also, try your best to maintain a positive attitude and encourage your employees to do the same. Our perspective is our greatest power and it can either empower you or drag you down.

5. Be Sure to Do Your Research

In addition to staying apprised of pandemic news in general, be sure to avail yourself of industry-specific updates and reporting. An unprecedented set of circumstances demands a reexamination of existing business practices and pivoting to adapt to a new reality. Identifying and implementing innovative solutions will assist your business in emerging from the pandemic as a viable entity.

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Tips on How to Manage Your Mental Health During Quarantine

During this time of social distancing and isolation during quarantine, many of us are finding it difficult to maintain our mental health. This sudden shift in the way we live our daily lives is hard to adjust to and it can feel like you are living one continuous day. It is always important to practice self-care and to improve your mental health, but it is especially important during these trying times. If you are struggling with your mental health due to the effects of quarantine, below are some tips on how to practice self-care during this time.

Establish a Daily Routine

Keeping a daily routine can help keep a sense of normalcy and can help you stay productive. Be sure to start your day like you would any other workday to help you stay focused and feel like you are in an “at-work” mindset instead of an “at-home” mindset. Also, be sure to designate a spot solely for work that is away from areas that are meant for other activities such as eating and sleeping. This designated work area can help you stay focused by minimizing distractions and can help lower anxiety.

Stay Connected to the Outside World

Be sure to keep in touch with friends and family not only to reduce boredom, but to also reduce the feeling of isolation. Take advantage of the numerous digital communication technologies at your fingertips and call your family, text your friends, or video chat with your coworkers. Humans are social beings who need social interaction to be happy and healthy so make sure you are fulfilling this instinctual need.

Focus on Your Physical Health

Mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand. In order to have optimal mental health, you need to also focus on maintaining your physical health. Be sure you are eating healthy foods, drinking a lot of water, and keeping yourself moving. Take advantage of the numerous workout videos on the internet and use them to stay active.

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Barrister Executive Suites Announces New Beverly Hills Location

Barrister Executive Suites new Beverly Hills Location

We are very excited to announce our third Beverly Hills location at 9440 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 301, in the Bank of America Building! This new suite now adds to our portfolio of over 20 Southern California locations. The addition of this new, beautiful office space will allow us to better serve our tenants by offering them yet another 90210 office suite option. This will help them decide which office building location is best for their business and clients.


Located in the highly sought-after Golden Triangle location, this striking building has a wide variety of property amenities. Some of the amenities include:

  • Class A Building w/ Floor to Ceiling Windows
  • Large Private Terrace Overlooking Los Angeles
  • On-Site Car Wash/Auto Detailing & Banking
  • Free On-Site Client & Visitor Valet Parking
  • Convenient Access to Santa Monica (10) & San Diego (405) Freeways
  • 14 Miles to Los Angeles International Airport
  • Banks, Theaters, Health Clubs, World-class Shopping, Hotels & Restaurants Nearby

Suite Features & Services

This location is loaded with features and services that will benefit you, your clients, and in turn, your business. Some of these features and services include:

  • On-Site Management
  • Professional Receptionist
  • Personalized Call Answering/Screening
  • Online Conference Room Reservation System
  • Mail & Package Handling
  • Telephone Service & Equipment
  • Enterprise Grade High Speed Internet & WiFi
  • Employee Lounge/Break Room
  • Janitorial Services & Utilities

This office suite is set to open June of 2020 and is now available for pre-leasing! Whether you are looking for a full-time office, virtual office, or conference room rentals, this building is the perfect location for your business. If you are interested in learning more about the new Beverly Hills office suite or any of the other locations that Barrister Executive Suites offers, please contact us today.

Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. congratulates Carrie Gates on her success as OBCAI President


Congratulations go out to our own Carrie Gates, Vice President of Leasing & Marketing for her outstanding success as 2009 President of Office Business Center Association International (OBCAI).  We were honored to have a member of our team elected by her industry peers and colleagues to serve as President, and congratulate her for the outstanding achievements during her term. Carrie joined the Barrister team in 1990, and plays a key role in the company success by overseeing all aspects of our leasing and marketing.  Carrie’s reputation and commitment to delivering the best possible service to customers, day in and day out, has made her a recognized leader in the Executive Suite industry.

In addition to her role with Barrister, Carrie also presided over our industry’s trade association, OBCAI, during an unquestionable difficult period for the entire industry. Regardless of any challenges, with her leadership at the helm, Carrie and the association still accomplished several significant achievements during her term. It was an emotional farewell speech as she turned over the reins to incoming president Carolina Rendiero at the Associations annual conference at the end of September. We’re pleased to say that she will continue to serve on the Board of Directors as immediate Past President.

“Carrie’s leadership skills are not only extraordinary but as the President of our trade association she demonstrated a rare combination of exceptional charisma with hands-on organizational skills, not to mention an amazing amount of energy. Listening to her farewell speech as she concluded her term gave me goose bumps, as I realized how proud I was, and how fortunate the several hundreds members of our organization were, to have her as our leader.” said Laurante Dhollande, CEO Pacific Business Centers.

OBCAI is the international trade association representing the Executive Suite industry, helping ensure best practices and industry standards and guidelines for owners and operators worldwide, and protecting the consumer’s rights. As a long established leader in the industry since 1966, Barrister’s predecessor is credited with founding the Executive Suite industry, which has grown considerably since its inception in 1966. Under Carrie’s leadership and direction the association was able to achieve several outstanding accomplishments.  To read a recent interview with Carrie Click Here

At Barrister, our dedication to providing exceptional service is core part of our company philosophy. Every member of our team is 100% committed to achieving results, which is undoubtedly a contributing factor to our success, and one of the reasons why we enjoy so much longevity with our customers and team mates. We’re very proud of Carrie for carrying the torch and continuing the Barrister tradition,I believe whole heartedly that the product we offer is a resource to companies conducting business today, and we are the right choice for almost any kind of company.”  Said Carrie, “Serving as President of our trade association was an opportunity to give back to an industry that I truly believe in, and that has given me so much. It was an amazing experience that was truly rewarding and fulfilling.” To learn more about Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. Click Here

Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. congratulates L.A.C.R.A. on the 23rd Annual Broker Challenge.

The LACRA (Los Angles County Realtor Association) Broker Challenge has been an annual tradition among the local Commercial Real Estate community for over 23 years. The charity fundraising event is a fun filled way for real estate professionals to enjoy some camaraderie and healthy competition, while giving back to the community. The annual event, which was held September 23rd at the Beach Club in Santa Monica, includes teams from competing real estate firms, property owners, and commercial real estate professionals. This year congratulations go out to McGuire Properties for their victory.

Barrister Executive Suites, Inc has proudly shown support for the event through sponsorship or participation for over 7 straight years. Suite Manager, Amanda Wirts, participated in the planning committee for the event for the 2nd consecutive year, which this year brought in an estimated $96,000 . “Of course, we’re always eager to help out and give back.” Said Amanda, “our commitment to serving local business’ and the community runs deep at our company. The Brokers who participate are all great! I really enjoy helping out and working with all of them”.  Funds from the event are raised through entry fees, reception attendees, and corporate donations, and go to benefit Family Services of Santa Monica, a local non-profit social service agency providing mental health, family support and education services to Westside children and families.

The Challenge is an all day event filled with a series of beachside sports competitions, and concludes with a cocktail reception, and raffle drawing.  The day’s activities include a paddle tennis match, surfboard relay, and special event relay. Spectators all turned out to watch as the Brokers battled it out for the championship trophy, as well as bragging rights for the rest of the year. “The competition was fierce. Newmark Knight Frank had the 1st place lead going into the last round, I thought they were going to win” said Amanda, “But the Mc Guire team pulled ahead and won the last 2 relays, so they squeaked past in overall points to win the trophy. Very Impressive!”