Upcoming Tenant Social in Pasadena

On Friday, August 26th, Barrister Executive Suites, Inc.’s tenants in Pasadena are invited to enjoy ice cream sundaes and networking.

The Barrister staff at the Corporate Center Pasadena held a very successful tenant social on July 1st with lunch and now it is time for dessert!  “We just love to spoil our tenants,” says on Suite Manager, Toni Hernandez.  “We had such a great time last month that we wanted to extend the party!”

The Corporate Center Pasadena is a four building complex located along Pasadena’s popular South Lake Avenue.  Tenants have a variety of on-site amenities and convenient access to health clubs, restaurants, financial institutions, and shopping.

Tenant Social in Pasadena

On July 1st the Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. staff at the Corporate Center Pasadena will be hosting a tenant social.  Barrister’s popular tenant socials are a way for tenants to take a break from work and get to know their neighbors.  There are always new faces in the suite and Barrister encourages them to join the community and to take advantage of the excellent networking.

“The tenant social is a time for tenants to forget about work and have a good time.  Some tenants will begin to talk about their business, but we welcome it.  As the Suite Manager, I encourage my tenants to network within the suite.  I see that a lot of business gets referred by tenants who are in the same industry or even those that aren’t,” says Suite Manager, Toni Hernandez.  “That is what is unique at Barrister – a lawyer can work out of an office and have a CPA to his left and software company to his right.  And, he doesn’t have to go far to get help or to make a referral.”

The tenant social also reminds tenants that the office can also be a place for fun!  And why shouldn’t it be if you are there 9 to 5, Monday through Friday?  With a suite full of different professionals, a community is developed and tenants can have a more enjoyable time at the office.

Barrister will be providing a giant sub sandwich and drinks, while other tenants bring their favorite side dish, appetizer, or dessert to share.  Barrister in Pasadena looks forward to seeing all of their tenants for a bite to eat!

Tenant in the Spotlight: Jed Leano

Barrister would like to congratulate Pasadena tenant, Jed Leano, for his two recent awards from the Filipino Migrant Center!  At the inaugural awards banquet on May 14th, Mr. Leano was one of three to receive this year’s Distinguished Service Award. 

In addition to being given the award from the FMC, Mr. Leano received an official Certificate of Recognition award from the California State Assembly and California State Senate by State Assemblyman Mike Eng, who was in attendance and served as the keynote speaker. Other recipients of the FMC and CA state legislature awards were Chief Loa Faletogo, President of the Samoan Federation of America, and the Rosewood United Methodist Church Advocacy Group.

The Filipino Migrant Center’s vision states, “We will work for an empowered Filipino community actively engaged in the movement for local and global justice.”                 The Filipino Migrant Center is located in California which has the biggest concentration of Filipinos in the United States.  Mr. Leano has successfully fought for refugees seeking protection from torture and defended numerous victims of religious persecution and victims of domestic violence in deportation proceedings before the United States Immigration Court.

Since October 2008, Mr. Leano has been a solo practice immigration attorney practicing exclusively in federal immigration law.  Mr. Leano represents clients from every continent in the world in all areas of immigration law.  He is a founding board member of the CAL PAC Neighborhood Immigration Clinic, a pro bono immigration law clinic held monthly at Methodist churches throughout Southern California, a former president of the Pasadena Junior Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

Congratulations Jed Leano!

For more information on Mr. Leano, visit http://jedleano.com/index.php.

Barrister Executive Suite, Inc.’s Pasadena Center wins Business Center of the Month Award

Barrister’s Pasadena Center ends 2010 with a bang!  Barrister is honored to receive Officebroker.com’s Business Center of the Month Award for December 2010.

Barrister Executive Suite Inc.’s location in Pasadena at the Corporate Center Pasadena building offers stunning views of the San Gabriel Mountains and holds a LEED Gold Certificate (certificate to buildings with high levels of sustainability and a low carbon footprint).  Since opening in 1995, the Corporate Center Pasadena has been the ideal solution for business professionals looking for flexible lease terms or virtual offices.

The on-site management team in Pasadena has been described as “wonderful” and “warm and welcoming” by current tenants.  It is no surprise that the team has such great reviews from tenants when the each member has been with Barrister for at least 3 years.  The low turnover rate brings a level of professionalism to the suite which the tenants directly benefit from.

Corporate Center Pasadena is excited that they are achieving their mission to always provide exceptional service.  The on-site management team provides an environment that tenants are excited to come to every morning for work.  Mail is delivered daily to each tenant’s office and every Friday, Barrister provides bagels and donuts for the tenants.

Corporate Center Pasadena is “an excellent place to work and play,” comments Carrie Gates, Vice President – Leasing & Marketing at Barrister Executive Suites. “Here tenants have everything they need – they can conduct business, eat lunch, work out, get their car washed, do their banking, and get their clothes cleaned without even having to cross the street.”

It is not only a fun work place, but it also gives tenants an edge over other professionals in their field.  As a tenant at Corporate Center Pasadena, membership to the South Lake Business Association is free and tenants are involved in regular social networking events held by Barrister.  The social networking events give tenants a chance to get to know each other and generate new business within the suite.

Officebroker.com recognizes Pasadena’s excellent team with the Business Center of the Month Award.  Vice President Billy Knauss acknowledges Pasadena’s “top level service to [prospective tenants.]”  Knauss refers to the Pasadena center as “one of the best in the area.”

To read more on why officebroker.com selected Barrister, follow this link:


Leaner operation: Barrister offers office space on as-needed basis

This article originally appeared on PasadenaStarNews.com

By Kevin Smith

PASADENA – Most people envision an office as place that’s rented month after month and year after year, generating constant overhead costs.

But “virtual officing” allows businesses to operate leaner and meaner. And Barrister Executive Suites Inc. can make it happen.

Barrister maintains a 17,431-square-foot suite of virtual office space in Pasadena that companies can rent on an as-needed basis. The concept offers a cost effective alternative to conventional office space.

“Virtual offices are set up for businesses that need a presence within a market and access to a professional environment,” said Dorthy Bright, president of Los Angeles-based Barrister. “As far as our client base goes, it could be people who have a home-based business or maybe a company that needs a satellite office.”

Barrister’s clients represent a variety of industries, ranging from communications and entertainment media to mortgage and real estate services.

Their client list includes Disney, GTE, Bank of America, Ford Motor Credit, Coca-Cola and The Cheesecake Factory.

Barrister’s services are customized to meet each client’s needs.

The $350-a-month platinum package, for example, includes a receptionist and personalized telephone answering, access to a fully furnished private office for 12 hours each month and four hours a month of conference room use.

The package also includes a prestigious address on business cards and letterhead, access to office equipment and a lobby listing in the building’s directory (not available at all locations), among other features.

Customers can also rent meeting rooms by the hour or day.

“The beauty of this is that you have flexible lease times,” Bright said. “And if you want to go ahead and take permanent office space, you can do so.”

Gary Kaplan, who heads the Pasadena executive search firm Gary Kaplan & Associates, said the idea of virtual officing began years ago when companies began allowing employees to telecommute.

“It became sort of the vogue thing to do and then it quieted down for a while,” he said. “But I sense that it’s coming back again. It’s picked up with professional services, like consulting and accounting in particular.”

Bright said companies can save a significant amount of money by scaling back some full-time offices to virtual operations.

“It really depends on what type of office space you choose, but you can save a minimum of $2,000 a month,” she said.

Barrister’s cost comparison chart shows that the cost of leasing a conventional office of 1,500 square feet runs about $3,000 a month compared to Barrister’s 150-square-foot private, executive suite at $1,500 a month.

Employee benefits for the conventional office would cost a company about $500 a month, versus nothing for the Barrister facility.

Furniture in the conventional office space would likewise be $250 a month and office maintenance about $200 a month, compared with nothing on both counts using a Barrister virtual office space.

All told, the costs for the conventional space would total $7,050 a month, while the Barrister space would run just $1,825.

“We have 22 locations and about 500,000 square feet of space,” Bright said. “And we’re also part of an international alliance with access to thousands of executive suites internationally.”

Article Source: http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/ci_15254579