3 Benefits of Working Remotely

Many people’s daily routine consists of waking up, grabbing some coffee, getting ready for work, and heading out to the office. However, with the rising popularity of working remotely, more people are finding themselves with a much less hectic morning routine. Remote work can have many benefits for people, and we discuss these benefits below.

Saving Time

Depending on where you work, daily commutes can be anywhere from five minutes to a few hours. One of the major benefits of remote work is that it could either eliminate or greatly decrease the amount of time spent on traveling. This saved time may allow you to sleep in a little later, spend more time with your family, or even start work earlier.

Unique Office Spaces

Working remotely allows people to create an office space where they feel most comfortable and one that accommodates all their needs. If someone has a disability that makes it difficult to leave their homes, working from home can help alleviate stress and help prevent injury. Although working from home is great for many people, working remotely doesn’t just mean working from home. A great benefit of working remotely is that the world is your office, or at least areas of the world that have internet connection. Whether it be a coffee shop, a hotel, a bookstore, or anywhere in between, you can make your office scenery different every day when you work remotely.

Increased Productivity

Working from home can create a more productive workday. If you have a designated place of work, all of the distractions, noise, and people in the environment cannot be changed. When working remotely, you choose your office space, and you decide what type of environment is best suited for you to have optimal productivity. Also, reducing the travel time to work allows the employees to have more time to buckle down into work.

Overall, working remotely helps many people have a better work-life balance. This work-life balance can help reduce stress and improve your life at work. Barrister Executive Suites allows you to have all the benefits of working remotely while also having a physical business address through our virtual office packages. To learn more about the virtual office packages offered at Barrister Executive Suites, contact us today.

Fundamental Changes to the Way We Work

Fundamental Changes to the Way We Work

Once upon a time, work was a destination, not a verb, and the economy was built on regular, long-time employees.  A person took a 9-5 job in his or her 20s and stayed there until s/he was ready to retire.   Those days are all but gone!  Today’s workforce is far more fragmented, varied, and diverse. Sure – some people still hold some form of traditional employment, but many supplement it with other work.  Other types of work environments and arrangements are also quickly increasing in popularity, especially on-demand and freelance work.  In fact, 1/3 of the US workforce did some type of freelance work over the past year.

“The on-demand economy is but the latest spike in a 30-year trend toward increasing self-employment. The contingent workforce in the U.S. was 17 percent in 1989 and is forecast to reach 43 percent by 2020.” ~ from “Why the Self-Employed Will Finally Have a Bigger Voice in 2016” by Entrepreneur Magazine

The “on demand”, or “sharing” economy as it is sometimes called, has become a regular part of some people’s lives. Whether they’re offering professional services or consulting, whether they’re delivering or transporting something (or someone), or whether they are doing household errands or professional shopping, the share economy has become entrenched in our economy, especially in urban centers. The number of people working on-demand jobs is expected to grow from a current pool of 3.2 million Americans to 7.6 million by 2020.

Freelancing has become an essential part of the American economic landscape and there are a number of factors that have made freelancing so popular in recent years.

New technologies

Is Online Freelancing Right For You?

The internet has been a game-changer!  In past decades, individuals had to rely on print resources to find new work or clients.  Now they can find a job (or a new client) in significantly less time.  The pool of people one can reach also tends to be larger.   Finally, various technologies allow people to work from various locations or on-the-road.  Virtual offices are an essential part of freelancing and on-demand work.

Work-life balance
Work and life balance

Decades ago, it was rare to discover a working professional trying to obtain a “work-life balance.” The traditional – and normative – model of work demanded you put in your 8 hours, do what was necessary, deal with your commute, and then try to enjoy evenings and weekends off.  Today, more and more people want the flexibility to attend school functions during the day.  They also want to spend that commuting time doing something more productive.  Freelancing – and virtual offices – allows you to attend your child’s play even if it’s during the day.  It also allows you to complete some daily assignments instead of being stuck in traffic!

More money
Barrister Suites Real Estate Brokers Commission

While there are no guarantees in the life of freelancing and on-demand work, some studies suggest that people earn more freelancing than through traditional jobs.  There are at least two reasons why this is possible.  First, the clients you obtain don’t need to hire you and incur the typical expenses (benefits, taxes, the costs associated with having a physical office space, etc.), so you’re in a position to charge premium rates and they’re in a position to afford to pay you more. This can be a real advantage to both companies and freelancers: companies get to bring in the best talent, and freelancers get paid what they’re worth for the jobs.  The second reason involves scope.  When working from a virtual office, freelancers can go beyond local-based jobs and extend themselves nationally – and even globally.  More jobs mean more income!


How Barrister fits in:

At Barrister Executive Suites, we offer virtual offices that provide a professional image, while allowing for the flexibility you need. Our virtual office programs include a prestigious business address, a place to hold meetings, mail and package handling (and forwarding), a live receptionist to answer your telephone and greet your clients, and so much more!

Barrister Suite Receptionist Virtual Offices

With our Emerald, Gold, and Platinum packages, we offer personalized call answering and screening, a local or toll-free number, call forwarding to the number of your choice, a private voicemail box, and voicemail notifications (email of transcription services).

Need meeting space? Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages offer 16 hours of conference room use included! Or choose to purchase time a la carte at any of our 28 locations around Southern California.

Announcing Our Newest San Diego Location Del Mar / Solana Beach – Preleasing NOW!

Barrister Suites Del Mar Solana Beach Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest location at 445 Marine View Avenue, Del Mar, CA in The Timbers building. The iconic Class A office building is owned by Hankey Investment Corporation and will be the 4th location that Barrister operates in San Diego County, adding to our robust portfolio of over 28 locations in Southern California.

The Timbers building has breathtaking ocean views and an expansive window line which provides maximum natural light.  We’re currently in the process of constructing the suite to provide high end finishes with an open space concept design for a creative office atmosphere (pictures coming soon!).  On-site amenities include 24-hour security, outdoor atrium area surrounding a koi pond, and free covered parking.

Ron Azad, Executive V.P. of Asset Management and Development at Hankey Investment Company commented: “Our firm has invested over $1.5 million in building improvements since acquiring the asset nearly 2 years ago.  We are excited to have a Barrister suite in the building. We’re familiar with their exceptional reputation as an Executive Suite provider, and knew that their business model would make an ideal fit for our building, as well as the local business community.”

We are looking forward to serving the beach cities business community in the north county region of San Diego. Local professionals will benefit from this convenient location and the wide array of services that our suite provides. Be sure to check out our:

This location is an excellent solution for local professionals who are looking to work closer to home, minimize their overhead expense, and maximize their company’s image. “It’s a bright and vibrant office environment where clients have more time to be productive and focus on their core business, and enjoy being a part of our thriving tenant community” said Carrie Gates, Vice President of Leasing and Marketing for Barrister. “It’s a really great place to come and work every day”

Call today for more information! 1-800-576-0744

Virtual Offices and the Changing Landscape of Doing Business

A recent survey found that nearly 2 out of 3 large companies in the U.S. allow occasional telecommuting.  That number is nearly double what it was in 2005. Furthermore, 33% of employers allow for regular telecommuting, a third of all large companies! These numbers show an obvious trend towards virtual offices in the United States.

Barrister Suites Traditional VS Virtual Offices

A small number of businesses are doing away with the traditional office altogether, though this is much rarer. Relying on tools such as Dropbox and Slack, these companies consist mostly of tech companies like Mozilla, Basecamp, Upworthy, and Flexjobs. The list consists of 76 companies, up 50 from last year’s 26… a huge jump! Software startup NodeSource is a 100% virtual company, with no headquarters, and employees working from all over the world. They give their employees Airbnb stipends, and meet up once a year for an annual company retreat. CEO Joe McCann admits he has not met all of his employees in person, which he says is “super weird,” but points out that office communication is not what is used to be. Many people sit at their desks with their headphones on, and communication is done mostly by an instant messaging program… if the same thing can be done from home, then why not? McCann says, “There’s this … myth that you gotta put them in the same room, but they don’t even talk to each other in person.” He continues, saying he tells new employees “Your job is not important–your life is.”

His idea for a 100% virtual company stems from his own experience working abroad in 2010. Arrangements like this rely on trust and open communication. McCann is very pleased with the way things are going, stating “It’s self-elevating because they feel this level of responsibility and autonomy in their lives–the results have been outstanding. My concern is how does that scale. I don’t know. We’re learning as we grow, but that core philosophy, that your life is the most important thing, has worked tremendously well.”

While the companies who started the trend of working partially remote – or fully remote – were tech companies, this business model now works effectively for a variety of companies.  Barrister Executive Suites is a leader in virtual offices and we offer various programs to suit your company’s needs.   Each of our virtual office programs provides all the benefits of a physical office at a fraction of the cost, whether you need an office for a week while traveling, or a conference room for a day.  Learn more about our Barrister Executive Suites Virtual Offices Programs.

Vote Yes for Better Office Space


Due to the current recession, many businesses are down-sizing and looking to cut costs in any way possible. For some businesses, this may mean the transition from a daily office space to home offices for all employees with a once-a-month meeting to regroup and move forward. For this monthly meeting or for whenever the business needs an actual meeting space, rental conference rooms will certainly be the smart decision.


Rental conference rooms allow you to rent professional meeting space by the day, or even by the hour, if the business only needs the space for a short time. Having a professional setting, even if it’s only for meetings, can do wonders for a small business. If a small business rents a conference room, it allows them to project the appearance of a larger company, which can increase their ability to make larger sales to more reputable clients. Small businesses deserve better office space and rental conference rooms are the answer.


A rental conference room allows businesses to choose the location based on what they need at that time. If a business is trying to get a client in a certain city, they can simply rent a location that is easily accessible by the client in hopes of helping the sale. It is also a smart decision to select a location that has convenient parking. While a building may be in a great location, if it does not have convenient parking, the client, and the workers, will need to worry about finding a parking space and may cause unneeded stress or aggravation.


Many locations that offer rental conference rooms also offer monthly mail services to provide a desirable business address for the business; this creates the illusion that this business is based in a high rent area and can help entice prospective clients to learn more. In addition to mailing services, many rental locations also provide the technology needed to give an effective and compelling presentation; some even provide pens, pencils, paper, flip charts, or whiteboards to help your presentation run as smoothly as possible. If the little nuances are already taken care of, it gives the business owner more time to prepare and focus on the growth and success of his business.


Small businesses need to remain flexible in order to grow, which means knowing which expenses are necessary and which could be strategically eliminated. If a small business tries to rent a full time office, much of the revenue will go towards overhead costs, which doesn’t leave sufficient funds for effective growth. By renting a conference room only when a physical location is necessary, it can free up the funds for a small business to focus on growth.

The Value of Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are becoming a popular trend in the business world, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. By having a virtual office, these smaller companies have the ability to project the image of a large company to their clients, which can greatly increase their reputation and sales. Virtual offices provide these companies a chance to thrive in a recessionary economy.

A virtual office is the combination of an off-site address and live communication services, which allows smaller businesses to purchase services and time as their business needs. This allows a small or starting business to eliminate almost all overhead costs which can make or break a company. Virtual offices allow a company to hand select the services they desire, which makes it easy for any company to select services that will allow them to thrive without breaking their budget. Companies are also able to rent conference rooms or office space by the hour or by the day, so if a face-to-face meeting is necessary, the business has the ability to rent what they need and impress their client with an upscale office building.

The services that are offered by virtual offices include call forwarding, receptionist services, auto-attendant services, and voicemail services. Call forwarding allows an incoming call to be forwarded directly to the employee’s phone or even to multiple employees’ phones, without the client ever knowing the call has been forwarded outside of the office building. The live receptionist is provided with database software so that they are able to respond to any incoming call with specific information about the company in a professional manner. The receptionist will also schedule appointments, and occasionally handle small tasks such as data entry, bookkeeping, and maintenance. Auto-attendant services are recorded, client focused greetings. These automatic recordings are able to provide the client with information such as directions to the company, or with the ability to push the call through to an employee. Lastly, voicemail services are provided so that the employee does not have to worry about multiple voicemail boxes, all of the voicemails are stored in one location, at the virtual office. This makes it easier for the company to receive messages and they will not have to worry about missing a message due to a voicemail box being overlooked. These services are all designed to give the company the opportunity to run a highly efficient and effective business, even if they are small.

The virtual office also gives a small or starting business the ability to appear as a large company to potential clients. This professional appearance can entice clients to want to hire the business because their appearance makes them seem trustworthy and important. These offices also make it easier for a business to start a new location. The ability to start a location in a city where you are not actually located can make the transition easy for any business.

The low cost of a California virtual office allows small businesses to put a prestigious address on their business cards and provides them with an elegant office and professional receptionist. In addition to the basic services, the virtual office provides the company with software and the IT infrastructure of larger businesses, which can work to help the company prosper. Overall, a virtual office is an excellent option for any business looking to expand or to get a start in the professional world.

Barrister in the Community

          With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we are asked to remember what we are grateful for. And this Thanksgiving we at Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. are grateful for the members of our community that give back through volunteer work or whatever means possible. This year, we would like to mention Joyce Wong, an employee at Barrister Executive Suites, Inc., who is an active volunteer with many organizations including Be the Match Registry.
           Be the Match Registry is the new name of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). There are numerous ways to help including signing up to be a bone marrow donor. Information can be found at:
           Joyce Wong volunteered at CareNow LA at the LA Sports Arena from October 20 through October 23, 2011 to encourage people to sign up to be a bone marrow donor for Be the Match Registry. Even with millions of individuals registered, many patients are unable to find a match.
         Thank you, Joyce, for calling to mind such a great cause and for the volunteer work that you continue to do.

Barrister Executive Suite, Inc.'s Joyce Wong (second from right) with fellow volunteers at CareNow LA

Veterans Day 2011

            Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. would like remember those who have lost their lives in battle for our country and to honor living veterans.
           Veteran’s Day originated during World War I when an armistice was reached between the Allied nations and Germany. It was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. One year later, on November 11th, the day was declared Armistice Day to honor those who have died in service to the country. In 1954 President Eisenhower turned Armistice Day into Veterans Day to honor all who have served past, present, and future.
          Although Veterans Day falls once a year, we are always grateful for the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces to protect our country.

3-Day for the Cure

           Walking 60 miles is no easy feat. So then why do thousands of men and women in San Diego volunteer to walk? To help mothers, sisters, spouses, and friends get one step closer to a world without breast cancer. The exact cause of the disease is unknown, there is no cure, and 1.3 million people are diagnosed annually.*
          As participant Deborah Davidson puts it, “walking 60 miles is easy compared to anyone going through treatment.” And that is exactly what motivates Davidson, Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. Sales and Leasing Manager to walk again over November 18, 2011 to November 20, 2011 with Team Generations. She is the mother of two girls and hopes their generation will no longer see any deaths from breast cancer, see better treatment and continue progress on battling this disease that affects woman of all ages. Davidson will be walking for her mother, a two time survivor of breast cancer, and for her friends who have lost a loved one or someone to breast cancer.
          The 2011-2012 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure will spread across 17 different cities in the United States raising money and awareness. Since 1995, events like the 3-Day and Race for the Cure in San Diego have raised $8.5 million dollars to local organizations that have made valuable contributions to breast cancer diagnostics, treatment, education, screening and patient support. The organization has invested more than $1.9 billion to fulfill its promise, becoming the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world.
For those that would like to make a donation to Team Generations, please click on the link below:
For general information on Susan G. Komen 3-Day For the cure, please visit:

* Information from http://www.komen.org/

Deborah Davidson with Team Generation in 2008

Halloween Spook-tacular Today!

          The Sherman Oaks Galleria has been transformed into a Halloween playground! Come enjoy the fun today, Monday, October 31, 2011 from 5:30 – 8:30pm. Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. tenants and staff will be heading downstairs from the Barrister suites to enjoy the festivities.
        Don’t be a scared-y cat! Come out for carnival games with prizes and make your very own “Boo Bucket” before you stroll through our stations to pick up goodies. No Tricks, just Treats at the Sherman Oaks Galleria!
For more information, visit: 


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