Barrister Executive Suites Gives to Over 50 Charities in 2018

Barrister Executive Suites Gives to Over 50 Charities in 2018

Los Angeles, CA – Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. prides itself on being a company that gives back to the community. Many of the chosen charities lay near and dear to the hearts of clients and employees at Barrister, and each charity’s mission is centered on helping others and lifting up the surrounding community.

The organizations Barrister made donations to n 2018 were focused on charities whose aim is to help veterans, mothers and children, and the homeless. Though these categories encapsulate the majority of charities that donations were sent to, the list of charitable organizations that Barrister gives back to yearly includes cancer fighting organizations, animal rescue groups, higher education universities and much more. See the full list here.

Veterans hit close to home for Barrister as many of the clients and employees have family members who have served or are serving in the United States military. Both the CEO & COO of Barrister have fathers who have served. To honor our nation’s veterans, donations were sent to Cammies & Canines, USO, Wounded Warrior Project, and Wreaths Across America.

The employee population at Barrister is made up of 75 percent women, and of those, about 50 percent have children, some being single mothers. Barrister believes in supporting mothers and children because today’s children are the future of tomorrow. To support women and their children in the community, Barrister Executive Suites donated to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Prevent Child Abuse America, Single Mother’s Outreach, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, and Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services.

The majority of Barrister’s locations are in urban Los Angeles County. Every big city has a homeless population, and communities throughout Southern California are not immune. Through supporting charities who work with those experiencing homelessness, Barrister hopes to do their part in helping bring those numbers down. Organizations Barrister chose to support in 2018 include Bridge to Home, LA Food Bank, Rise Against Hunger, Saint Joseph’s Center, Santa Clarita Shelter, Stop Hunger Now, and United Way of Greater LA.

About Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. 

The originator of the executive suite concept, Barrister was founded in 1966 as a cost-effective alternative to traditional office space by providing turnkey office space, virtual offices, meeting room facilities, and administrative support services. Independent business practitioners, small start-up companies, and national corporations benefit by having more time to focus on their core business with less financial risk. Today, with dozens of locations throughout Southern California, Barrister operates with a foundation of longevity and financial stability in providing its tenants with a business-friendly environment coupled with exceptional customer service. Additional information on Barrister Executive Suites, Inc. is available at

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Why Barrister is Better than Coworking


Whether you are a new business looking for the perfect office location or an established company just looking for a cost-efficient upgrade, consider why a shared office model is the way to go. Barrister didn’t hop on the coworking bandwagon when the shared economy started trending – we pioneered the shared office model in Southern California over 40 years ago! Even though it may seem like coworking is the hottest, latest trend in the business world, our shared office model has been sizzling in Southern California for decades.

Coworking vs Shared Offices

Coworking typically entails one large space filled with desks and people typing away on laptops while conducting conference calls on their cell phones. Wi-Fi is usually provided, and sometimes light refreshments are included with a membership fee. Unfortunately, if you find yourself becoming unproductive in an open environment amongst other professionals, private offices may not be available. This can be especially challenging when you need to meet with a client or take a confidential call.

In comparison, companies who lease with us at one of our shared office locations have access to all of the perks of coworking plus additional benefits of amenities including fully furnished offices, professional reception services, telephone answering, breakroom/tenant lounge use, janitorial services and much more. Tenants are able to reserve conference rooms that are equipped with the technology needed for a smooth and disruption-free meeting. Best of all, the shared office approach limits the number of people you share a room with, which decreases distractions and improves efficiency while still preserving the networking benefit of a commercial environment.

Services & Amenities

Shared office leases are a fraction of the cost of a traditional lease, with less of the headaches. At Barrister, our tenants experience turnkey Executive Suites, advanced infrastructure like enterprise grade internet and other privileges that don’t exist in coworking spaces, all while minimizing our tenants’ overhead.

So, next time you come across a “trendy” coworking space and think that it may work for your business, consider everything you would have to sacrifice. Privacy and access to on-site management can impact how efficiently you’ll be able to get the job done.

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Tips & Tricks to Take Control of Your Email in 2019

Tips & Tricks to Take Control of Your Email in 2019

Email is a great tool to get things done quickly, but it can become overwhelming and suck hours out of your day. Emails can easily pile up and take over your inbox, making you feel like email controls whether or not you get things done. With a new year beginning, it’s the perfect time to start fresh and clear out your inbox. Have an inbox that you can control, not one that controls you! Here are some tips and tricks to help you take control of your inbox in 2019.

Create Labels

Labels can help you organize your email and keep everything in order. To do this in Microsoft Outlook, select a message and press the little luggage tag that appears above your inbox. From there, you can name your new label and create as many as you need. You can also divide your emails into folders, this way they are easier to access. Nobody can see the labels or folders besides you and they help to keep your inbox highly organized.

Turn off Email Notifications

Constantly checking your email is unhealthy and time-consuming. It also affects your productivity levels at work. Most emails do not require an immediate response, so checking your emails less could lead to better productivity. Turning off notifications can be done in your settings or preferences tab.


Signing up for emails from multiple companies can lead to a lot of time deleting them. Unsubscribe from emails that you barely read or interact with. This will end up saving you a lot of time sorting through your inbox messages and will make everything easier to find. If you like receiving coupons through your email from these companies, consider signing up for those newsletters with another email address that’s not tied to your professional or personal contacts.

Sort Emails Immediately

When you check your emails, make sure to go through each one and sort them correctly. Delete spam and reply to emails that need a reply. Letting emails sit in your inbox unopened will create more junk in your email that can be overwhelming and more difficult to navigate through.

We hope these tips will help you work more efficiently in the new year! There’s no perfect way to handle email overflow, but implementing some ground rules for yourself may be a huge help.

Curious about other ways Barrister helps businesses succeed? Explore our full-time, hourly, and virtual offices throughout Southern California where we rethink the traditional office lease.

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5 Places to Work to Avoid Los Angeles’s City Gross Receipts Tax

5 Places to Work to Avoid Los Angeles’s City Gross Receipts Tax

Los Angeles is known for its strong business community and is unlike any other city in the United States. Many businesses want to work near downtown Los Angeles, but don’t want to incur the costs associated with having headquarters in a big city. We collected a list of the best cities to run your business near the Los Angeles area!


Burbank is a hub for local studios and has become a growing area for small and mid-sized businesses. The City of Burbank offers special incentives for businesses who move out of Los Angeles and into Burbank. The most worthwhile incentive is that businesses pay no city income tax, in addition to being exempt from the gross sales receipt tax. Other incentives include rebates, recruitment & hiring assistance, and a streamlined permitting process.


The city of Calabasas puts great emphasis on the health of the businesses located within this beautiful city. Calabasas does not levy city business taxes and there is no gross receipts tax. To further support businesses in the area, there is no parking tax or business registration fees.


Part of the tri-cities, Pasadena is known for its resort-like feel and charm you can’t find anywhere else. This city continues to be a destination for tenants in a variety of industries. Between the central location, great transit options, and economic development, Pasadena can’t be beat.

Thousand Oaks

Located in Ventura County, 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks is known for a thriving economy for businesses. The median household income and owner-occupied housing percentage are one of the highest and best in the area.


Nestled near the beach just south of Los Angeles, Torrance is a great city for businesses to jumpstart their company without the LA taxes. Small businesses especially can thrive in this city because of economic strength and affordability. Torrance was rated third for average business revenue and second for percentage of firms with well-paid employees by Fundera.

Location is incredibly important to consider, with your commute, costs, and potential for visiting clients to think about. Barrister Executive Suites has been offering businesses of all sizes options that provide real value in one of the most expensive places to live and work in the U.S.

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How to Make A More Zen Office Environment

Zen office environment

A Zen office environment can have a profound effect on the rest of your work day. Let’s face it, work can be stressful at times, and it is very easy to forget to breathe and stay calm. By adding or doing small things throughout your busy day, you’ll start to notice a positive difference.

1. Plants

Nobody likes to be stuck in a dull, boring looking office all day. A great way to make your office space more Zen is by adding a bonsai tree, bamboo plant or even some small succulents to your space. The bonsai tree is said to promote patience, peace, contemplation and effort.

2. Art

Adding some motivational pieces to your wall is another nice way to help you power through your busy day all while remaining calm. Sometimes a positive, inspirational quote or picture is all you need to get back on track and finish strong.

3. Meditation

Meditation is a simple way to re-center and reboot. Simply take a five-minute break to focus on your breathing and posture and you’ll feel like a totally new person. Once you’ve perfected the breathing and posture exercise, maybe challenge yourself to learn one new yoga pose each week.

4. Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are the new candles and are much safer. A diffusor consists of water and an essential oil of your choice. The diffuser will make your space smell great, and it is believed that lavender essential oil helps to reduce stress.

5. Organizers

No office space is ever complete without at least one organizer. Organizers are essential to having a successful day at work because they allow everything to run smoothly. Clutter not only looks bad, but it can affect your productivity too.

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8 Reasons Our Clients Love Their Virtual Office

image of barrister executive suites office space

Virtual offices help create an exceptional first impression for your business. Barrister Executive Suites has virtual office and business address packages in 26 prestigious locations around Southern California. Choose from one of the five virtual office packages that we offer, and if you can’t find just one that is perfect for your business needs, don’t worry, you can mix and match too! Now, let’s get down to why our clients really love their virtual office.

1. Prestigious Business Address

Location, location, location. A prestigious business address leaves a lasting first impression. Certain neighborhoods have their own unique appeal and belonging to an upscale zip code elevates your business with a more professional, trustworthy and established image.

2. Mail and Package Handling

Mail and package handling should be the least of your worries throughout out your busy day and with a virtual office, our staff will make sure important deliveries are kept safe until you can retrieve them.

3. Live Receptionist

The first interaction between your business and a prospective client is important. All of Barrister’s virtual office packages include a professional receptionist to greet clients and visitors.

4. Internet Access

Barrister Executive Suites is equipped with enterprise grade internet. We know how critical and time-sensitive work assignments can be, and with enterprise grade internet, you’ll never have to worry about slow, unreliable internet again.

5. Conference Room Use & Online Meeting Room Reservations

The silver, gold and platinum virtual office packages include 16 hours of conference room use. This is great for those who may not need space like this every day, but just on special occasions! Online meeting room reservations are also available. When you need to meet with a client, you’ll want to avoid a loud, unprofessional setting like a crowded coffee shop. With the convenience of reserving your meeting space in a Barrister Executive Suite online, you’ll be able to plan out meetings with ease.

6. Access to Fully Furnished Private Office

Not only can furnishing a private office become expensive, but for those just in town for a meeting here and there, it’s just not necessary. Having access to a fully furnished private office for just a few hours is just what you may need.

7. Personalized Call Answering

Personalized call answering saves time for you and will point your client in the right direction, keeping them happy.

8. Local or Toll-Free Phone Number

A local phone number is a great way to have your business look more official and credible. This feature really allows your business to appear as part of the local community.

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Top Office Amenities You’ll Want After You Find Out They Exist

Sherman Oaks office exterior

Today’s business environment is becoming more demanding now than ever on professionals, leaving less time to take a moment and re-center yourself. If you’ve ever worked in an office with endless rows of gray cubicles and an uninspiring break room, you probably weren’t excited to get to the office each day. Your environment has a profound effect on your mood, mindset and productivity. What is your office missing that could help unlock your potential?

1. On-Site Gym

Working out elevates your energy levels and releases endorphins. This is exactly what you need to get pumped for a great workday, or to release frustration before heading home. Our Torrance office has an on-site gym for tenants to enjoy, and our Mission Valley & Del Mar Office have conveniently located fitness facilities as well.

los angeles office suite dog park

2. Dog Park

A growing number of workplaces are allowing therapy dogs in the office. An office dog can help reduce stress and improve morale. Having a dog park at the office, just as we have at our Los Angeles Airport office suites, is a huge perk for both you and your furry friend.

3. Proximity to Top Restaurants

In today’s business climate, a good percentage of meetings and deals happen outside of the office, making it a must to have nearby restaurants where these meetings can take place. Not to mention, grabbing a delicious lunch can be just what you need if you hit that mid-day slump. Here are a few of our favorite lunch spots near our Executive Suites.

Santa Monica Wilshire Building

4. Relaxing Views

One of the most sought-after features when looking for the perfect office space in Southern California is the view. The sunset and expansive views from some of our locations are spectacular, making a hard day of work all worth it in the end. Love an ocean view? Check out our Santa Monica offices.

5. Convenience

Whether you are seeking a lifelong office space to call home or just need a space for a few hours, Barrister Executive Suites has it. Our offices come furnished or unfurnished and staffed with professional reception services and telephone answering, allowing your day to run smoothly. Most locations are located conveniently next to the freeways for easy access to and from airports. The offices are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology to meet all your business needs. In the spaces, you will also find common areas as well as an updated kitchen/break room. As a Barrister tenant, you will have 24/7 access to the space and access to conference rooms.

Allowing our tenants to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of both on and off-site amenities is why Barrister has been dazzling tenants for decades. We set the bar for exceptional customer service and take pride in each of our Southern California office spaces.

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4 Ways to Up Your Networking Game

Women talking at a networking lunch

The key to working smarter, not harder is using the tools at your disposal. To increase your business’s visibility and sales, it’s traditionally thought that face-to-face networking and relationship building is key. While this is still true, the way to meet new prospects and connections has evolved. Here are a few ways to network better.

1. Take Advantage of Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Becoming involved in the local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to meet other professionals who are serious about building business relationships. Before and after hour events can take place at local businesses, giving professionals a chance to meet and discuss their goals and experiences. The Chamber of Commerce acts as a cornerstone for professionals, providing a lot of opportunity and opening many doors.

2. Networking Apps

Imagine having the ability to swipe right in a professional setting. The networking app Shapr allows you to create a profile and connect with professionals who have similar goals, interests and experiences. Swiping right gives the users the ability to chat and set up a time to meet other professionals to further discuss career goals. Other apps are available such as LetsLunch and CityHour, which also allows the users to schedule a time to meet other professionals with similar experiences and goals. These apps are helpful because you can quickly identify new people to meet – even on during down time.

3. LinkedIn ProFinder and Facebook Groups

Compared to LinkedIn, Facebook’s Groups have a much more informal, relaxed feel to it. Introducing yourself in a Group is a great start to becoming involved in a niche group where you have an interest. There are countless Groups out there that range from general interests to industry specific topics. So, take your time finding a handful of groups, introduce yourself, engage and see where it takes you. Of course, LinkedIn has a more professional reputation, where you can connect, add your work experience, skills and update information that changes as you learn and grow as a professional. If you are a consultant or freelancer, check out LinkedIn ProFinder to hire, or be hired for a job.

4. Face-to-Face Interaction with Tenants in Community

Some may call this old-fashioned, but others might think that face-to-face connections are the most effective way to meet new connections. Barrister Suites leases their office spaces to a variety of local professionals who are worth getting to know when you interact in common areas. Choosing Barrister means you are becoming part of our tenant community. If you pass by the same few people every day on your way into your office, maybe pick up an extra coffee and use it as an ice-breaker to introduce yourself!

The efficacy of your networking efforts is what you make it, and creating genuine connections can have a lasting impact on your business. Thinking of joining our tenant community? Give us a call!

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Why Consultants, Startups & Entrepreneurs Choose Virtual Offices


Leaving a corporate job to start a new business can be one of the most exciting and terrifying career moves a person can make. The barriers to enter an industry as a new player can be intimidating, and an entrepreneur needs to have a thick skin to ride out the first few years. However, starting a business today is not the same as it was before the rise of the internet. There are endless online tools that can support a business at an affordable price, and overhead can be dramatically reduced by taking advantage of them.

Revolutionizing Working from Home

One of the most important tools in an independent consultant, startup, or entrepreneur’s arsenal is a virtual office. When a services-based business is launched, renting office space is not immediately economical or necessary without a big team to collaborate with. Still, there is a need to impress clients and convey a level of professionalism. That is where a virtual office offers the most value: working from home with the benefit of a prestigious address and answering service can help the business appear larger than it is from the onset.

What a Virtual Office Includes

Having services like a professional receptionist answering the phone with the name of your business sends a message to the caller that the business is legitimate and even exclusive, since they aren’t directly contacting the CEO on the first ring. Additionally, virtual offices offer mail handling services where packages can be received in sought-after zip codes.


Without a long commute in endless traffic, setting up shop in the home is a great way to optimize hours in the day. Not to mention inbound calls won’t slow the business owner down during a busy workday. In more premium virtual office packages, a voicemail notification system can be set up to transcribe messages left throughout the day.

Meeting Clients

When the time comes to wow a potential client, meetings in coffee shops just don’t feel professional. Meeting rooms by the hour and conference room use is a significant perk of having a virtual office. Typically, convenient access to a professional meeting area would cost thousands of dollars in rent each month. With a virtual office, many packages include conference room access at a significantly lower price point.

Finding the right virtual office services for your business can improve your image and elevate your brand. At Barrister Executive Suites, we have hosted hundreds of businesses over the years through our virtual office program. Contact us for more information on the right combination of features to meet your needs.

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Benefits of Working in The Burbank Media District

entrance to Barrister Executive Suites Burbank office

Working in Los Angeles is the pinnacle of success for countless dreamers in show-business. In an attempt to make it in the entertainment industry, many people have made this bustling city their home. However, daily life in downtown L.A. isn’t for everyone. With the traffic and higher taxes in Los Angeles, businesses have sought out nearby areas to establish their business operations. Thus, the Burbank Media district was formed. Everyone from production studios, web developers, and all the support staff needed to run a renowned studio, work in the Burbank Media District, and for good reason.


Establishing a business address in Burbank has so many benefits, and our recently renovated Burbank office suites have been updated to the excellent standards that our tenants have come to expect.  If you’re curious about making the move to the Burbank Media District, here are just a few of the many reasons to take a tour of our offices soon:

Proximity to the Burbank Airport & Local Studios

Barrister’s Burbank location is directly adjacent to the Warner Brothers main lot. This location has been home to thousands of writers, producers, developers and production companies that need space for a particular project or have “housekeeping” deals with one of the major studios in the area. The proximity to the studios is one of the major features that Burbank offers, with NBC, Disney, Universal and iHeart Radio close by. Musicians serenade Burbank, with local record companies like Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Elektra Records and Warner Brothers Music. Being just a seven-minute drive from the Burbank airport, our tenants love being in the middle of the action.


The Smoke House is an iconic restaurant in Burbank, California. For those who are unaware, the Smoke House sits beside the Warner Brothers lot and has had many television shows and movies filmed there. La La Land, Argo, The Office, and Scandal are just a few major productions that have scenes filmed at the Smoke House. It serves as a great place to have a lunch meeting with clients and business partners.

Grabbing a bite to eat for lunch at Whole Foods is great for those on-the-go. Whether you are headed to your next meeting or have afternoon plans, Whole Foods has a wide selection of foods to choose from, like salads, soups and sandwiches. If you are more of a sit-down and eat type of person, Whole Foods has that too. Within the store, there is a cocktail and wine bar, perfect for those casual lunch meetings.

If you are looking for a more formal, fine dining food experience, Castaway is a great choice. Overlooking the San Fernando Valley, Castaway was designed after the movie Castaway, starring Tom Hanks. Equipped with a full bar and brunch, dinner and dessert menus, Castaway provides the total fine dining experience.

Tax Advantage over Los Angeles

The City of Burbank is offering special business incentives for those who move out of Los Angeles and into Burbank. The most worthwhile incentive is businesses pay no city income tax. Additionally, there is no gross sales receipt tax, which can be huge for a growing business. Other incentives include rebates, recruitment and hiring assistance and a streamlined permitting process. Read more about these valuable incentives on their website.

Access to Public Transportation

The Metrolnk is easily accessible, just 3 miles away from the Burbank office location. Burbank also has its own bus service for commuters, known as the Burbank Bus, and the METRO bus is also available.

Real Estate in Burbank

Finding office space in the Burbank area can be competitive. The vacancy rate in the industrial market is now less than 1% and demand is only increasing. Due to this increase in demand, rental rates in the Burbank area have nearly tripled and are expected to continue increasing through this year. At Barrister, our Executive Suite concept keeps costs down, while providing convenient on-site amenities.

Check out our Burbank office space and contact us for more information: