Signs That it is Time to Switch from a Coworking Space to a Private Office

people sitting at a table during a meeting

There can be many benefits of coworking, such as low costs and flexibility, that allow small start-up businesses to start off strong. Although these benefits exist, there is a time and place for coworking and as your business changes, so should your workplace. If you are currently using a coworking space and are considering switching to a private office, here are some signs that show it’s time to upgrade your workspace.

Your Business is Growing

With business growth comes the need for more employees, time, and space. If your growth has caused you to outgrow your coworking space, it may be time to take your extra revenue and invest it into a private office.

You Need More Privacy

Shared rooms, common rooms, and thin walls do not provide a great amount of privacy. Your business may have confidential client meetings or phone calls containing sensitive information that isn’t meant for everyone’s ears. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider a private office to protect the privacy of your clients and your business.

You Need Less Distractions

With more people comes more noise and distractions. If you and your employees are having a hard time focusing and being productive, it may be due to your work environment. Private offices can give you the peace and quiet your business needs to reach its full potential.

These are just a few signs that show it’s time to switch your workplace location. If you are interested in learning about the full-time office spaces offered at Barrister Executive Suites, visit our website to learn more.

5 Ideas for Mental Health Initiatives in the Workplace

Employee wellness programs have become more popular over the years, but many of them focus solely on physical wellness. In order to achieve overall good health, mental wellness must also be a priority. Here are five mental health initiatives for the workplace that can be added to employee wellness programs.

1. Eight Hours of Sleep Challenge

Getting the proper amount of rest is important for both mental and physical health. Lack of sleep can cause many physical health issues, one being a weakened immune system. Mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, are also linked with poor sleep. In order to assure that employees are getting the right amount of sleep, you can make a fun game out of it. Use activity trackers to monitor sleep and/or have someone keep track of the employees’ sleep data. Whoever gets the most sleep in a month can win some sort of prize which will push everyone to try to get more rest.

2. Birthday Vacation Day

Giving employees a PTO day on their birthday will make them feel appreciated and it will allow them a day to get some mental rest.

3. Bring Your Pet to Work Day

Animals are known to relieve stress and anxiety. Having a day dedicated to being surrounded by furry friends will give the workplace a positive atmosphere.

4. Meditation and Yoga

Dedicating some time to practice meditation and yoga can give employees the physical and mental break they need at work. Meditation and yoga are known to promote relaxation and overall wellness.

5. Volunteer Days

Volunteerism can have many benefits to employees and the community. Employees will feel good about giving back to their community and knowing that they work for a company that supports their local area.

These are just some of the ways to promote good mental health in the workplace. Be creative and come up with your own ideas that are customized to your workplace and employees. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Barrister Executive Suites offers exceptional service, flexibility, and convenience that their tenants need to run their businesses successfully.

Source: Austin Benefits Group

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Valencia Suites Recognized for Excellence

Barrister Executive Suite Valencia Location

Barrister Executive Suites was awarded one of The Signal’s “Best Of” Santa Clarita Valley
Awards for Best Executive Suites & Offices for the eleventh consecutive year for their Valencia Office Location! Barrister prides
itself on the exceptional customer service they provide to their tenants at every location. Each
location has amenities such as conference and meeting rooms, employee lounge/break rooms,
a receptionist, among many other amenities. The onsite staff is friendly and professional, and
Barrister is grateful for the overwhelming compliments about their incredible team.

“This company has made my life and business run so much more efficiently…Barrister deserves
6 stars and I can’t say enough amazing things about all of the people that work there.” – Jeff P.

“I’ve had an office with them for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier, the place has an
incredible energy starting from the receptionists and your neighbors. I absolutely love this place
and can’t imagine having an office anywhere else…” – Scott E.

There is a reason why Barrister has been recognized for its excellence for eleven consecutive
years, and it’s obvious that the best feature of their office spaces is the exceptional staff
members. Barrister knows that they wouldn’t be here without their amazing team and will
continue to strive for excellent customer service for their tenants for years to come.

Contact Barrister Executive Suites if you are looking for a highly efficient workspace coupled
with exceptional customer service!

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Traditional Office Leases are Becoming a Thing of the Past

team in office

As technology continues to change, so does the world we live in. Advancements in technology allow us to access infinite amounts of information at our fingertips and connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time in a matter of seconds. The accessibility of information and people continue to increase, and so does the rise in costs. These two societal changes have caused a shift in the standard work environment. We no longer must be in the same office as our coworkers to reach them or get information from them, now, we can do that with our smartphones or laptops. At the same time, the costs of traditional office leases are so high that they’re starting to become unaffordable for many businesses. This new age of technology and the high costs of working and living have birthed a new phenomenon known as the sharing economy.

The Sharing Economy

According to Statista, the total value of the global sharing economy is predicted to increase to almost 335 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Businesses such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb are becoming increasingly popular due to their peer-to-peer sharing business models. Why own your own car or stay in a pricey hotel when you can just use someone else’s car or home?

This way of thinking has also transferred to the business world. Why spend so much money on overhead costs that you can avoid, such as a traditional office lease? Why not just rent an office space only when you need it and work remotely when you don’t need it? The working class of today needs flexibility, convenience, and affordable options to remain happy and successful in their careers and the sharing economy hits all these needs. As costs rise and technology advances even further, who knows what the sharing economy will bring to the table? We are excited to see what is to come of the sharing economy.

Barrister Executive Suites offers exceptional service, flexibility, and convenience that their tenants need to run their businesses successfully.

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Why Social Responsibility is Key for a Successful Business

group of volunteers

Whether it’s helping those in need, environmental conservation, or advocating for those with developmental disabilities, consumers want to know that the companies they buy from are practicing social consciousness. Not only is corporate responsibility beneficial to the world, it can benefit businesses in multiple ways.

Improve Brand Image

Doing work in the community or contributing to charity conveys your company’s corporate values. When you humanize your brand, people feel more confident putting their trust in you. Let your customers know your company’s values and what you are doing to change the world for the better.

Increase Employee Engagement

Companies could not exist without their employees, so their happiness is very important. One way to keep your employees happy is through creating time for volunteerism and charity. When you feel like you are making a difference and helping others, it can give you a sense of purpose. Also, teamwork amongst all levels of employees can create a bond that isn’t easily done in a normal work setting. When employees feel good about the company they work for, they are more likely to stay with the company.

Increase Customer Engagement

Just like your employees, customers want to feel like they’re giving back to those in need. Giving your customers the opportunity to join your volunteerism and charitable efforts can allow you to build a relationship with them. Creating long-term relationships with your customers is how you can keep your existing customers, and meet new ones.

At Barrister, we know how important it is to live our values as an organization. Learn more about the charities we give back to and why.

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How to be Professional on a Budget: The Benefits of the Shared Office Approach

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Office space rentals can be very pricey and inconvenient for you and your business. The shared office approach gives you the professionalism and structure of an office without breaking the bank. As the shared economy grows, the shared office space approach has become more popular. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Flexibility

The shared office approach allows for more flexibility for your business. You can choose from short or long-term leases and full or part-time programs. Your business is unique and constantly changing, and shared office spaces can change with your needs.

2. Services

Shared offices provide services and amenities a traditional lease wouldn’t include. Some of the full-time office services that are included at Barrister Executive Suites are convenient access, professional receptionists, and conference room space. These services come standard with the monthly rent and can help alleviate some stress from the day to day operations.

3. Work Environment

Access to high-quality buildings in some of the most desirable areas of Southern California can be expensive, and the shared office approach addresses this. With the shared office approach, these beautiful buildings are affordable and create a professional first impression and a productive work environment for businesses.
Barrister allows its tenants more flexibility and convenience in their office space rental through the shared office approach.

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You Can Still Work at Home with a Virtual Office

receptionist receiving mail

Some business owners find that working from a home office is a great fit for them, but their brand is weighed down by that “home office” label. When a physical office space is not appropriate for your business, consider a virtual office. A virtual office helps your business make a great first impression while also giving it a more professional image. Here’s how.

Prestigious Business Address

When a customer or client wants more information on your business, a business address is one of the first things they’ll look for. A prestigious business address helps make a lasting impression and builds trust between you and the client.

Mail and Package Handling

At Barrister, a convenient amenity included with all of our virtual office packages is mail and package handling. This allows you to focus on the needs of your business and not worry about having to be present to sign for a package. Our clients also enjoy the convenience of mail forwarding for mail sent to their home or another location.

Live Receptionist

The first point of contact between a client and a business sets the tone for the rest of the professional relationship. Included in all of Barrister’s virtual office packages is a live receptionist available to greet clients and visitors.

Conference Room Use

For those with a business that requires more than the standard amenities mentioned above, consider the silver, gold, or platinum virtual office packages. With one of these packages, you will enjoy 16 hours of conference room use and online meeting room reservations. This is perfect for those who don’t need this type of space every day, just on occasion.

Our Virtual Office Packages offer varying combinations of the services you need. You can choose from any of our packages to find the right combination to fit your needs.

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When Your Startup Should Begin Renting Office Space

professional office space for startups

As your startup begins to grow into a small business, you’ll find that running your business from home is getting in the way of real growth. You’ll start expanding your team, needing more equipment and space, and you’ll need help with administrative tasks like inbound calls and mail. A separate office space will also help you balance work and home life.

Cost of A Traditional Office

Cost is something to consider when looking for the right office space. At first, renting an office space can feel like an unnecessary, significant investment in overhead. If the timing is right, you’ll see how the benefits of an office offset the costs. With an executive suite or shared office, you can find a great space at a lower price compared to a traditional lease. As an entrepreneur, that could be the right option as you aim to minimize overhead costs and focus on growing your business.

Space You’ll Need

Another signal that you should begin renting office space is that your team has grown, and you simply need a space to meet and collaborate. Remote work can work for some businesses, but there’s no denying that communications become more streamlined working with others in a dedicated office space. Consider your need for cubicles, conference room access, and a break room.

Receptionist Services

Transitioning to an office space is an exciting time. Amenities like mail sorting, professional reception services, free access to meeting rooms and a lobby area may not seem necessary at first, but you’ll quickly grow to consider them to be essentials to your business. These kinds of amenities in an office setting will allow you to focus on the things that matter most to your organization.

Barrister provides tenants with these types of amenities and more so that business owners can focus on core activities crucial to their success, while also minimizing overhead costs.

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Most Sought After Amenities When Looking for A New Office Space

sought after office location in valencia- office interior with wide window views of california landscape

Office location amenities and suite features play a big role when deciding which office is the perfect fit for your business. The demand for bigger and better amenities is on the rise and since it is 2019, some amenities should not even be a question when you’re on the hunt for an improved office space. More importantly, as a business owner, your time is precious and should not be wasted on administrative work like mail handling.

Outdoor Access

Having the ability to step outside and take a call or relax on your break is a highly sought-after amenity–it’s also proven to increase workday satisfaction. On top of that, when you are in your office, an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean or the California Mountains makes your day that much better. An added bonus to the location of an office can include shops, restaurants, salons and gyms all within walking distance to get your fresh air while grabbing a bite to eat or visiting a nearby shop.

24 Hour Access & Private Office Availability

Stingy landlords and many coworking options limit tenants’ accessibility to their office space. Few of us are in the office for a clean nine-to-five, and having 24-hour access is perfect for night owls who feel more productive at 6:00pm after email slows down. Along with that, coworking spaces tend to have limited options for private office space on demand. Leasing with Barrister at an Executive Suite means you have access to your own private office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, the office is yours. You will also enjoy access to meeting rooms and an online conference room reservation system to all 40 Barrister conference rooms.

Professional Receptionists

Professional reception services are highly sought after to keep a business running smoothly since they create a great first impression for your business. Part of this service offering should include mail sorting. As a busy, hardworking professional, your time should be spent doing your job, not worrying whether your mail gets back to you safely. In addition to this amenity, branded call answering by a live receptionist gives a business a personal touch that puts them a level above the competition.

Barrister provides tenants with these types of amenities and more so that business owners can focus on core activities crucial to their success, while also minimizing overhead costs.

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Top Lunch Spots to Check Out This Summer

The convenience of running out to grab a bite to eat on your lunch break or scheduling a business meeting over a meal requires you to be located near great restaurants. After careful deliberation, we have compiled a list of what we like to call the “top lunch spots” that are conveniently located just a short walk or drive away from a few of our Executive Suites.

Beverly Hills Office Space

Beverly Hills

  • Panini Kabob Grill – Mediterranean Food

When grabbing a bite to eat here, you can tell Panini Kabob Grill stands by their mission of serving their guests the “best of the best”. They do so by using the freshest, healthiest and highest quality ingredients out there.

  • Wally’s – Wine & Cheese

If you are looking to unwind after a busy day or a quiet place to have a meeting, Wally’s is perfect. During the day, it’s a bit more casual, but at night you’ll find people in suits and cocktail dresses, take your pick!

Check out where our Beverly Hills office space is located


san diego del mar torrey reserve office space - blue skies, palm trees and office building with green landscape

Del Mar Torrey Reserve

  • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Legendary Steakhouse

Look no further if you are in the mood for superior service and an unforgettable experience. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is the place to be whether it’s for lunch, dinner or happy hour.

  • Poseidon – Seafood & Produce

Poseidon Del Mar provides a true ocean front dining experience. You can’t beat the view of the ocean and fresh, locally sourced seafood they serve. It has become a local favorite!

Check out where our San Diego Del Mar office space is located



Woodland Hills

  • The Stand – American Classics

Awesome burgers, hot dogs, salads and sandwiches are in your future if you find yourself at The Stand on your next lunch break. The best part is the sunny, outdoor seating in the front or on the patio in the back. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your grub!

  • TGI Friday’s – Appetizers & Happy Hour

Yeah, TGI Friday’s is nothing “special” or local, but it’s the place to be for happy hour and late-night specials—trust us.

Check out where our Woodland Hills office space is located


Brentwood Office Space

Brentwood (New Location at 12121 Wilshire Blvd is Now Leasing!)

  • Blu Jam Café – Breakfast & Lunch

At Blu Jam, they don’t use freezers or ingredients they can’t pronounce, like artificial flavors. High quality food and exceptional service is what they do serve.

  • Literati Café – Organic Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

Open all day, this café prides itself in listening to their customers and is continuously fine tuning their menu. Order from a variety of freshly prepared pastries, entrees and beverages.

Check out where our Brentwood office space is located


street view of office space in encino at city national building with palm trees out front


  • Woodley Proper – Speakeasy & Sushi

Our favorite part of Woodley Proper is the Omakase Speakeasy in the back, Sushi I Bar, that serves sushi in 17 courses. You’ll want to make a reservation in advance for this unique experience before heading there. If you’re just looking for a great cocktail, the cocktail lounge is the perfect spot.

  • Claudine Artisan Kitchen and Bakeshop

Get this, they serve brunch all day, every day! It’s the perfect lunch spot that is focused on redefining the local culinary landscape through using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create tasty sweets and dishes.

Check out where our Encino office space is located

Mouthwatering lunch spots is just one of the perks of leasing a Barrister Executive Suite. Get in touch with us to learn about on-site amenities and how the Barrister difference could improve your business.

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